GEB 4941 Internship Course

All business majors (except BSBA Online) must complete an internship or study abroad in order to graduate. Ideally this would be done prior to senior year. GEB 4941 is offered summer, fall, and spring. All students must enroll in GEB 4941 while on-site completing their internship; internship credit will not be awarded retroactively after a student completes their internship.

Internship Course Curriculum

GEB 4941 is somewhat a self-paced, online course designed to enhance your internship experience. You will perform goal setting, industry and company analysis, and self-reflection of vocational choices. Assignments are designed to encourage critical thinking and career path exploration to help you identify and hone skills required for a career in business or a business-related field.

This course is designed to enhance your career readiness through self-reflection of vocational options. Upon conclusion, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Did this internship confirm or redirect my desire to work for this company, industry, or something similar after graduation?
  • What is required from me to become successful in this industry and type of workplace?
  • What leadership, education, or work experience do I still need to acquire or improve?

Internship or Part-Time Job?

Internships are usually formal programs within organizations whose primary purpose is to offer practical work experience. Internships improve resumes by giving students opportunities to gain professional skills and explore new industries. Would-be interns should evaluate internship programs carefully, to see if those programs offer the training they desire.

The main difference between an internship and a part-time job is that internships include specific learning objectives. In other words, a student is deliberately seeking new knowledge or skills in a particular industry. The internship ought to enhance one’s career objective.

If you need help finding an internship, here are a few ways to get started. If you have further questions about whether or not your position qualifies as an internship, please contact Sandy Flory, the course administrator.

Earning Academic Credit

Course credits are variable. You may earn between 1-4 credit hours. All students must enroll in at least one (1) credit hour but can earn up to four (4) credit hours per internship. The more credits you request, the more internship hours you must work.

Below is the minimum number of hours you must work at your internship to earn credit. You may work more hours, but cannot work fewer for the corresponding credit hours. Remember you only need 1 hour to meet the internship requirement. Please review the tuition and fees for the cost of this course.

  • 1 Credit Hour: work 150 hours or more
  • 2 Credit Hours: work 260 hours or more
  • 3 Credit Hours: work 370 hours or more
  • 4 Credit Hours: work 480 hours or more

Reasons to request more than one credit for the internship course:

  • You need more than one hour of summer credit to meet the nine (9) hours of summer requirement.
  • You need elective hours to reach the 120 credit hours required to graduate.

**If you are unsure of the number of hours you should register for the course, please see an advisor.**

Please Note: Credit hours cannot be changed after the drop/add period. You must work the minimum required work hours that corresponds to the credit hours for which you enroll. If you fail to meet the hours that correspond with the credit hours for which you enroll, you will receive an “Unsatisfactory” grade for the course.

Important Dates

SemesterRegular Application DeadlineLate Application Deadline*Internship Completion Period/Date Range**GEB 4941 Course Dates
Spring 2020Friday, January 3Friday, February 14January 1 – April 30January 6 - April 22
Summer C 2020Friday, May 8Friday, June 5May 4 – August 7May 11 - August 7
Summer B 2020Friday, June 26Friday, July 3June 22 – August 7June 29 - August 7
Fall 2020Friday, August 21Friday, September 11August 9 – December 9August 24 - December 9

*Late fees may apply.


Before applying for GEB 4941 internship credit, review each pre-registration tab carefully below; you will need to obtain a few pieces of information before starting.

Registering for GEB 4941 is easy, simply follow the steps below further explained on each corresponding tab. The actual GEB 4941 application is available in the ‘Application’ section.

  • Secure an Internship
  • Obtain an Employer Verification Letter – Letter must confirm certain internship details
  • Select Your GEB 4941 Term – Which semester do you want to enroll in GEB 4941?
  • Identify Number of GEB 4941 Enrollment Credit(s) – How many credits would you like?
  • Reminders – Avoid delays; Review GEB 4941 reminders for registration success
  • Apply – Submit your application for GEB 4941 class registration

Congratulations! After accepting an internship offer Heavener must confirm important details through something called an employer verification letter. Please note a verification letter is not the same as an offer letter. A verification letter verifies key internship components which may not be contained inside your offer letter. If your offer letter does not contain all the info below, you must obtain a separate verification letter from your employer (on their company letterhead) confirming the following details:

  1. Dates of Internship Employment. Identify both a start date and an end date.
  2. Work Hours Expected. Your employer must confirm you are working the minimum amount of hours corresponding to the academic credit you requested. Request your employer state how many hours per week you’ll work on your internship. Preferably they will also include the minimum hours they project you to work over the entire internship.
    Example: If you request two (2) GEB 4941 credits, your employer must explicitly write in the letter you will work a minimum of 260 hours on-the-job by working X amount of hours per week OR 260 hours minimum over the course of the internship.
  3. Anticipated Responsibilities. What work responsibilities does your employer anticipate you will have? Provide a general overview of key responsibilities.
  4. Supervisor Contact Info. Who is your supervisor and what is their contact information (email, phone number, office address)?

Request Company Letterhead. The information requested above should be on company letterhead.

Critical course dates are outlined above on the main GEB 4941 webpage. Your GEB 4941 registration term is determined solely by your internship start date. Your internship END date does not matter.

How many GEB 4941 credits should I apply for?
All students should apply for one (1) GEB 4941 credit as this is the exact requirement for graduation. There is no need or requirement to register for >1 credit. Why would someone take >1 credit? In general, if you can answer yes to any of the following questions, consider applying for additional credits. Remember, you only need one, however.

  • Summer Hour Requirement. Do I have remaining summer hours to complete? Review your degree audit. If you have >2 summer hours remaining it might be in your best interest to take (2) or more GEB 4941 credits to complete any remaining summer hours.
  • Graduation Credits Needed. Are you graduating this term or next term? If so, you may need additional credits to reach the 120 credit minimum to graduate. Review your degree audit to verify.
  • Scholarships. Do I have scholarships requiring me to take courses over the summer or reach a certain amount of credits over the calendar year? If so, check with scholarship administrators regarding taking additional GEB 4941 credits.
  • International Students. Are you an international student? If so, verify how many credits you should take with the University of Florida International Center.

If you are uncertain how many credits you need, meet with a Heavener advisor in 333 Heavener Hall or email a Heavener advisor.

Avoid GEB 4941 enrollment delays and late registration fees. Ensure each of the action items below are fully thought through and completed before continuing:

  • Internship or Part-Time Job? Are you completing a legitimate internship or actually just working a part-time job? Working as a lifeguard, store clerk, secretary, or attendant is work experience, but chances are this type of work won’t maximize your potential to obtain a full-time employment. The bottom line is your internship is a three-month job interview. If you aren’t (1) working in an industry/particular company of interest or (2) obtaining skills directly transferable to post-college plans then you also accept the consequences and challenges that come with not obtaining an internship directly relevant to your career. In short, this internship is not meant to be an academic exercise or another ‘thing’ for graduation; it’s meant to help you get a real job in an area of your interest; so you should take it seriously.
  • Clear all holds. Check and clear your holds now! The GEB 4941 manager cannot register you until all your holds are cleared. Failing to clear holds (especially summer holds) is the #1 cause of GEB 4941 registration delays. If you receive a late fee because of failing to clear a hold, it is not the GEB 4941 administrators fault. Open ONE.UF, check and clear your holds now.
  • GEB 4941 Credits Requested. Are you applying for the correct amount of credits? Only one (1) credit of GEB 4941 is required. Remember, generally speaking business majors should only apply for >1 credit to (a) complete summer hours (if your internship is over the summer), (b) acquire 120 credit hours to graduate if graduating next term, or (c) require additional hours to meet international or scholarship requirements. Email a Heavener advisor if you are unsure.
  • Internship Dates Vs. GEB 4941 Academic Dates. Is your last day as an intern after the last day of UF classes? If so, you must submit GEB 4941 coursework before your last day as an intern, ensuring all assignments are submitted before 11:59pm on the last day of regular UF classes. Review all assignments and make plans soon with your supervisor.
  • Tuition, Fees, and Grades. GEB 4941 is an academic course; regular UF tuition and fees are applied. Letter grades (i.e., ‘A’ ‘B’ etc..) are not assigned in this course; it is a pass/fail (S/U) course. If your assignments are sloppy, lack content, are submitted late, and/or do not reflect collegiate scholarship you could earn a ‘U’ grade and must retake the course before you graduate. In short, GEB 4941 is a real course, so apply yourself.
  • Retail Related Internships & Retail Minor. Heavener strongly encourages any student who either (a) has a retail related internship or (b) plans to pursue the Retail Minor to sign up for MAR 4941 Retail Internship course instead of GEB 4941 Internship credit. MAR 4941 can replace GEB 4941 and is considered an equal course substitute for the GEB 4941 internship requirement. MAR 4945 is a better course for retail oriented students as all assignments are customized to the retailing industry. Additionally, MAR 4945 is required for the Retail Minor (i.e, GEB 4941 will not count as a substitute for the MAR 4945 Retail Internship requirement). For questions on MAR 4941, please email Cece Schultz directly.

Before completing the GEB 4941 application, please review and complete any action items in the Registration Overview, Employer Verification, Enrollment Dates & Credits, and Important Reminders. After you review this information and complete the action items, it’s time to apply. To avoid frustrations and application webpage timeouts, make sure you have the following items readily available before clicking on your term below to apply.

  1. Employer Verification Letter (with all required components)
  2. Internship Info: Company Address of Internship Location, Phone Number, and Supervisor Contact Info (Name & Email)
  3. Resume

GEB 4941 Applications:

Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Eligibility

Can combined degree or graduate students register for GEB 4941?

Yes. Heavener combined degree students are allowed to enroll in GEB 4941. In contrast, graduate students who hold a bachelors degree are not permitted to take GEB 4941. GEB 4941 is designed for undergraduate only (not full-time graduate students).

Can I take a community college course and enroll in GEB 4941 during the same semester?

Yes. Students can take GEB 4941 internship credit concurrently while enrolling at a non-UF institution.

Example: Mark can enroll in GEB 4941 (1-4 credits) and take ACG 2021 at Brevard Community College (BCC) at the same time. In contrast, Mark cannot take ACG 2021 @ BCC and MAR 3023 at UF simultaneously.

Can I retroactively receive GEB 4941 internship credit? I previously completed an internship but forgot to sign up for GEB 4941.

No. Under no circumstance can any student retroactively receive GEB 4941 internship credit after completing an internship. Students must complete the internship course while they are on their internship and assignments cannot be completed for GEB credit post-internship. Forgetting to add GEB 4941 to your schedule before your internship, changing into the business college late in your college career, and transferring into Heavener from a community college does not quality for any exemption. In short, all students earning a business degree must complete the GEB 4941 internship course, so make sure you sign up for this course before starting your internship. If you are a graduating senior and waited too long to apply for GEB 4941, please email a Heavener advisor (not the GEB 4941 course manager) to discuss your options.

Dates & Credits

What date is the latest I can enroll in GEB 4941?

Students who receive late confirmation of an acquired internship can still enroll in GEB 4941 up until the date posted in the chart above. After the “Late Application Deadline” has passed, students cannot add or retroactively add GEB 4941 to that term or any previous term.

How many credits should I register for: 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Heavener suggests registering for only 1 one (1) credit as this is the minimum required for your business degree. When should someone take more? Generally speaking, business majors should only apply for >1 credit to (a) complete summer hours (if your internship is over the summer), (b) acquire 120 credit hours to graduate if graduating next term, or (c) require additional hours to meet international or scholarship requirements. If you are uncertain how many credits you need, meet with a Heavener advisor in 333 Heavener Hall or email a Heavener advisor.

My internship start and end dates don’t match the first or last day of class; is this ok?

Yes! This is fine. GEB 4941 is a correspondence course, all assignments are available on the first day of UF classes so students can customize assignment submissions to match their own internship timeline. As long as the minimum amount of internship hours is worked and all assignments are submitted before 11:59pm on the last day of UF class, internship dates and UF dates don’t need to match 100%.

Example: If a Spring internship runs January 25 – March 29, a student would simply arrange their assignment submissions to match the length of time on their internship. The internship clearly finishes before ~April 25 (end of UF classes), so the student would make sure all their assignments were submitted before April 25 @ 11:59pm.

Registration Overview & Employer Verification Letter

How do I add GEB 4941 to my schedule?

Students cannot register for GEB 4941 on their own. The GEB 4941 course administrator will add the course to your schedule once your internship application AND employment verification letter have been approved. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the application and the verification letter in a timely manner in order to avoid late registration fees (Academic Deadlines and Calendars). Students are responsible for clearing all registration holds before application submission. To apply, simply read each tab above and follow the instructions. The application is on the last tab ‘Application Link’.

What information should my employer include in the verification letter and where do they send the letter?

The verification letter is not an offer letter. The verification verifies critical internship details: employment start and end dates, weekly hours expected, total internship hours expected, anticipated responsibilities, and your supervisor’s contact information. The letter must be submitted online with your application. If your offer letter contains all the components above, feel free to upload this with your application. If your offer letter does not contain all pieces of into above, then you must submit a separate verification letter.