International Internships

International internships equip students with the skills necessary to compete in today’s globalized marketplace. In addition to gaining valuable professional experience, students who intern abroad also develop an in-depth understanding of another culture, create a global network of contacts, and strengthen their resumes.

Realities of International Internship Opportunities

  • Paid internships abroad are rare
  • Companies usually require interns to speak the language of the host country
  • A visa and/or work permit is a typical requirement
  • Volunteer positions can be as valuable as an internship
  • Volunteer opportunities are more common in nonprofit and government organizations

Programs with Internship Components

Non-Affiliated / Independent International Internships

All credit associated with international travel must be approved by the University of Florida International Center (UFIC). Follow this process to earn credit for your international internship:

  1. Obtain “Employer Verification Letter” with the dates of the internship, expected work hours, anticipated responsibilities, and supervisor contact info on company letterhead.
  2. Request approval for your independent internship by emailing your “Employer Verification Letter” to our email. If your internship will be entirely remote, please skip steps 3 and 4.
  3. If the internship will be in-person, make an appointment with the UFIC advisor assigned to the region where the internship will take place.
  4. If the internship will be in-person, complete UFIC application and pay the UF application fee.
  5. Apply for the GEB 4941 Internship Course after your UFIC application is approved.