International Internships & Service

International internships and service learning opportunities equip students with skills necessary to compete in today’s globalized marketplace. In addition to gaining valuable professional experience, students who intern abroad also develop an in-depth understanding of another culture, create a global network of contacts, strengthen their resume, and often gain proficiency in a foreign language. To find out more information about interning abroad, schedule an appointment to meet with one of the Heavener School of Business International Program Advisors.

Realities of the International Internship Opportunities

  • Paid internships abroad are rare
  • Companies usually require interns to speak the language of the host country
  • You will need to obtain a visa and/or work permit to intern abroad
  • Volunteer positions can be as valuable as an internship
  • Volunteer opportunities can often be found in nonprofit and government organizations

Programs with Internship Components

Internship Resources