European Union

UF in Europe: Ireland, France and Italy

The Heavener School of Business International Programs is offering its first ever multi-country program. In collaboration with St. John’s University (SJU) the program will host students in Limerick, Ireland; Paris, France, and Rome, Italy. Students will spend five weeks in each of the cities studying with a cohort of business students from the Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University.

While living in each of these historic cities students will complete UF online business courses, take SJU classes in a variety of disciplines, engage with the local communities through corporate office visits, guest lectures from local business leaders and participation in cultural excursions. Non-UF business students enrolled in an SUS (State University System) institution may also apply.

Limerick, Ireland

The city of Limerick, Ireland


  • Students reside at Pery’s Hotel, located in the historic Georgian neighborhood of Limerick City
  • Students are housed in double and triple rooms with private bath
  • The hotel has a small on-site gym and sauna


  • Students are provided a full Irish breakfast at Pery’s Hotel, Monday through Thursday
  • Lunch is provided on campus Monday – Thursday
  • Discounted evening meals are available for purchase at the hotel


  • Proposed excursions include a trip to the Cliffs of Moher, an Irish dance class, and a visit to see a Rugby match.
  • Business-specific lectures and site visits will also be scheduled

Paris, France

The fountain in Square Louis XIII in Paris, France


  • Students live in St. John’s University Paris campus, located in the popular Saint-Germain district
  • Students are housed in double rooms with shared bathrooms


  • On-site cafeteria offer students breakfast and dinner, Monday through Thursday
  • Facilities also include a student lounge with microwave, toaster oven, and refrigerators


  • Students participate in weekly excursions, such as walking tours of Le Marais and Montmartre and visits to the Arc de Triomphe and Versailles
  • Business-specific lectures and site visits will be scheduled

Rome, Italy

The Forum of Trajan in Rome, Italy


  • Students reside in the historic Prati neighborhood, in St. John’s University Rome campus
  • Students are housed in double, triple, and quad rooms with shared bathrooms


  • Three fully equipped kitchens in the building allow students to cook meals
  • Students also receive €45 in meal tickets per week that can be used in restaurants and grocery stores throughout Rome


  • Students participate in weekly excursions
  • Business-specific lectures and site visits will be scheduled

The program’s partner school: St John’s University, Queens, NY

The program will be held on the Paris and Rome campuses of St John’s University, one of America’s leading Catholic universities. In Ireland, courses will be taught at the facilities of Mary Immaculate College.

Application Deadline

  • Fall: April 15

Program applications are located on the UF International Center website. Students are not accepted into the program until they submit their application and $425 deposit to the UF International Center. Please note that the program operates on a first-come, first-serve basis, though the program rarely reaches full capacity prior to the application deadline.

Program Dates

  • August 22: Students arrive in Limerick
  • August 23: UF courses begin
  • August 23-25: SJU/MIC Orientation
  • August 28: SJU/MIC Limerick classes begin (Module 1)
  • August 29: UF Drop/Add ends
  • August 31: Last Day to Add/Drop Module 1 SJU classes
  • September 27: SJU/MIC Limerick classes end (Module 1)
  • September 28: Travel to Paris
  • September 29: SJU Paris Orientation
  • October 2: SJU Paris classes begin (Module 2)
  • October 5: Last Day to Add/Drop Module 2 SJU classes
  • October 14- October 22: Mid-semester break
  • October 31: No Class – All Saints’ Day
  • November 8: SJU Paris classes end (Module 2)
  • November 9: Travel to Rome
  • November 10 – November 11: SJU Rome Orientation
  • November 13: SJU Rome classes begin (Module 3)
  • November 16: Last Day to Add/Drop Module 3 SJU classes
  • November 20: Last day to withdraw from UF courses
  • November 23-24: Thanksgiving Holiday (no SJU classes)
  • December 6: Last day of UF classes
  • December 8: No Class – Immaculate Conception
  • December 9-15: UF Final Exams week
  • December 14: SJU Rome classes end (Module 3)
  • December 15: Program ends – student vacate residence by 8am

Terms of Agreement

Students must withdraw from their study abroad program on or before the following dates to avoid fee liability:

  • Fall: July 1

Students become financially obligated for the full cost of their study abroad program after these dates. Only in extreme circumstances (e.g., serious personal injury, family emergency, etc.) will a student be allowed to petition for withdrawal prior to the start of the program. Petitions will be reviewed by the Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business.

Academic Structure

(13-17 credit hours)

All students are required to take one course in each location, and take at least one online UF business course.

Limerick (Mary Immaculate College – 3 transfer credits)

Choose one:

  • ART 1095C: Monuments of World Architecture
  • ECO 1350: Impact of Migration in Europe’s Economy
  • PHI 2200C: Ethics
  • THE 2400: Christian Spirituality & Mysticism

Paris (St. John’s University – 3 transfer credits)

Choose one:

  • ART 1775A: Art & Architecture in France
  • FRE 1010C: French Level I
  • PHI 3000C: Metaphysics
  • THE 2810: Religions of the World

Rome (St. John’s University – 3 transfer credits)

Choose one:

  • ART 1795A/ITA 3923: The City of Rome
  • IB 3341: International Business (equivalent to GEB3373)
  • ITA 1010C: Italian Level I
  • PHI 3000C: Metaphysics
  • THE 3305: Moral Theology of the Marketplace

A complete list of courses & syllabi can be found on the St. John’s University program page under ‘Academics’.

1-2 Online UF Business Courses (4 UF credits each)

  • MAN 3025: Principles of Management
  • MAR 3023: Principles of Marketing
  • BUL 4310: Business Law
  • ENT 3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • GEB 3373: International Business
  • MAN4504: Operations Management

Program Costs

Program Fee

  • Fall 2023: $18,250

Program fee includes all academic expenses (tuition/fees), orientations, co-curricular activities & excursions, housing/utilities, group flights for travelling between program host sites, many meals*, international travel medical insurance, and 24/7 emergency support. The $425 deposit paid at the time of application is included in the above figure. Note that some courses may require additional fees upon arrival.

*Meal inclusions vary depending on program host site as outlined in above program details. In Limerick, students receive breakfast and lunch Monday-Thursday. In Paris, students receive breakfast and dinner Monday-Thursday. In Rome, students receive 45 Euros in meal tickets per week that can be used in local restaurants and grocery stores.

Other Estimated Expenses

In addition to the Program Fee, which is billed and due before the program begins, students can also expect to incur the following out-of-pocket incidentals at various stages before or during the program.

  • Passport (if needed): $145
    • Expedited: $205
  • Flight: $600-$1400
  • Textbooks/Supplies: $100-$350
  • Phone: $15-$50/month
  • Meals: $150-$800/month
  • Other personal expenses: $100-$1200/month
    • E.g., shopping, leisure, travel, etc.

The above figures are general estimates. All incidentals, except the passport, will vary between students depending on circumstances and preferences. Students are strongly encouraged to consider devising a budget for meals and other personal expenses in-country. The currency in all three locations is the Euro (€).

Pre-Departure Preparations

In addition to regular advising during the application process, Heavener International Programs hosts a series of sessions for program participants that are designed to offer support and manage student expectations:

  • First Meeting: Typically held within a week of the study abroad application deadline, students meet others in the participant cohort and begin networking. Cultural resources are reviewed and further pre-departure tasks are clarified.
  • Pre-Departure Session: Typically held two weeks prior to the end of UF classes the preceding semester, final preparations (e.g., packing, finances, phones, etc.) are reviewed. Arrival information, daily life, health & safety, and more are also addressed.
  • Study Abroad Survival Session: Typically held on the Reading Day of the preceding semester, students are led through a series of activities about cultural adjustment, global fluency, and comfort zones. Advisors also address any additional fears or concerns regarding travel or program elements.

Exact session dates and times are provided upon formal acceptance into the program. Students also complete an online Pre-Departure Module designed and overseen by the UF International Center, and receive regular communication from Heavener International Programs and FIE each step of the way. Lastly, students are provided with a Heavener International Program Pre-Departure Guide approximately 2-4 weeks before departure. Please email us if you would like to see samples of any pre-departure materials.