International Study Non-UF Students

Application Instructions

These are the application guidelines for non-UF students interested in participating in a Warrington College of Business Study Abroad program:

Call 352-273-0151 and request a telephone or Skype appointment with a Heavener study abroad advisor to discuss the program details and admission requirements.

Compile the following documentation and mail to:

Heavener International Programs
University of Florida – Heavener School of Business
PO Box 117160
Gainesville, FL 32611-7160

  1. Statement of Purpose:
    1. Indicate the program and term you wish to apply to
    2. State why you want to participate in a UF Warrington program
    3. List the courses you plan to take abroad – business and on-site:
      • One or two UF business courses in Dublin
      • Two UF business courses are required for the Rome and Paris programs
      • One UF business course may be selected:
        • If three on-site courses are chosen in Madrid
        • If studying abroad during the summer term at any location
      • Two on-site FIE classes must be chosen for the fall/spring London program in addition to the required British Life and Business and the International Internship Course – select two classes from the FIE list.
      • Choose UF electronic platform business classes from the list below:
        • Principles of Management – MAN 3025
          Credits: 4; Prereq: sophomore standing and completion of one of the following: ECO 2013 Macroeconomics, ECO 2023 Microeconomics or AEB 2014 Economic Issues, Food and You.
          Fundamentals of management underlying the solution of problems of organization and operation of business enterprises. (General Education Social Science)
        • Principles of Marketing – MAR 3023
          Credits: 4; Prereq: sophomore standing and completion of one of the following: ECO 2013 Macroeconomics, ECO 2023 Microeconomics or AEB 2014 Economic Issues, Food and You.
          Functions, institutions and methods of marketing goods and services. Relates marketing to the larger economic structure and emphasizes the importance of the consumer. (General Education Social Science)
        • Legal Environment of Business – BUL 4310
          Credits: 4; Prereq: junior or sophomore standing with ECO 2023 Microeconomics completed.
          Introduction to the legal environment of business and organizations. Emphasis is on public and regulatory law and on the social, political and ethical aspects of legal issues in business.
        • Principles of Entrepreneurship – ENT 3003
          Credits: 4.
          Practical, hands-on understanding of the stages of entrepreneurial process. Focus on the decision-making process within a start-up company
        • International Business – GEB 3373 (fall/spring ONLY)
          Credits: 4; Prereq: MAN 3025 Principles of Management, MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing and FIN 3403 Business Finance.
          This course is designed to expose the student to the business environments (culture, politics, laws and economics) encountered in other parts of the world; to the tools needed to analyze the potential of other countries for production, distribution and marketing; to how international operations differ from those of domestic; and to the broad perspective required for international managers.
        • Course syllabi are available.
      • Choose on-site courses according to program parameters:
        • UF in Rome
          • Choose two classes – one class in Italian language is required:
            • Italian Language
              • Beginner
              • Intermediate
              • Advanced
            • Electives taught in English:
              • Monuments of World Architecture
              • Italian Sketchbook
              • Survey of Art & Architecture
              • Impact of Migration in Europe’s Economy
              • Government and Politics of Western Europe
              • Current Terrorist Movements
              • Appreciate of Italian Food, Wine & Culture
              • International Business
              • Ethics
              • Metaphysics
              • Religions of the World
        • UF in Paris
          • Choose two classes – one class in French language is required:
            • French Language
              • Beginning French 1 and 2
              • Intermediate French Conversation
              • Advanced French Conversation
            • Electives taught in English:
              • Art & Architecture in France
              • Economics of Poverty and Income Inequality
              • Religions of the World
              • Metaphysics
        • UF in Madrid
          • Select two or three courses by completing Spanish Course Selections Document (a comprehensive list of course offerings). Submit this document with your packet of materials.
          • Spanish Course Selections
          • In order to determine the correct language placement, complete the Spanish level test, print your responses and include with your packet.
        • UF in London
          • Complete the FIE Administration application
          • Required course:
            • British Life and Business course
          • Fall and Spring only: select three courses:
            • International Internship Course – if internship is desired
            • On-site FIE courses selected from the FIE list
          • Summer: select two-three courses
            • International Internship course
            • FIE British Life and Business
            • FIE elective course
        • UF in Dublin
          • Fall / Spring: choose one class from the Griffith College offerings
            • Select Dublin spring/fall for Griffith College course availability
          • Summer course selection:
            • Analyzing Dublin as a Global City
            • International Business (equivalent to GEB 3373)
          • Required course:
            • Internship course – 6 credits Fall & Spring / 3 credits Summer
  2. An official Transcript from your home university
  3. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member or academic advisor
  4. Home Institution Approval Form
    Approval from home university is required for participation. Part of the UF International Center process will include completion of the Home Institution Approval Form.

If you are a student in the Florida university system, then apply as a transient student to the University of Florida through Florida Shines. In the comments section of the Transient Student Admissions Application Form, please write:

“I’m applying for the University of Florida study abroad program in _______ (foreign city) with Warrington.”

When the application materials listed above are received, you will be sent a checklist with information on additional items needed and the required deadline dates. If you have any questions, please contact us via email or 352-273-0151.