Flag of Spain

Study Abroad in Spain!

Dive into a captivating country known for its art, deep history, and geographic diversity! Madrid is a mesmerizing city full of energy, excitement, and endless entertainment. Students live in the capital of Spain while completing courses. This program is ideal for UF students pursuing a business major or minor, or non-business students interested in completing upper-division electives in a beautiful European city.

The City: Madrid

Madrid city from rooftop

Madrid, the capital of Spain since 1561, is a large cosmopolitan city. Known for its hospitality and friendliness, it’s easy to feel at home in Madrid. Its impressive cultural heritage combines the historic with the modern, and is evident in its museums and monuments, notably the Prado Museum and the Royal Palace.

Heavener's Madrid Partner: Universidad Nebrija

Students walking to a building on the Universidad Nebrija campus in Madrid, Spain

Universidad Nebrija assists in coordinating the UF in Madrid custom program. Nebrija is a private, independent university accredited by the Spanish Government. Nebrija welcomes international students to Madrid where they can experience modern Spain a traditional university setting. All instructors in the Centro de Estudios Hispánicos are native speakers and specialists in Spanish language, literature, history, politics, and art. UF students will attend courses at the Princesa campus in central Madrid, a short walking distance away from noteworthy landmarks such as Plaza de España.

Three students holding flag of Spain in Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

Application Deadlines

  • Summer: February 15
  • Fall: April 5
  • Spring: October 1
    • For Spring, applications must be OPENED by 9/20 and COMPLETED by 10/1

You must submit the following before the deadline for your application to be considered complete:

  • Step 1: Meet with an IPSA or attend an info session
  • Step 2: Open the Application
  • Step 3: Meet with an International Programs Academic Advisor to complete Academic Advising Form (AAF)
  • Step 4: Complete application by submitting the following:
    • Academic Advising Form is sent to sas@ufic.ufl.edu
    • Verification of current passport with an expiration date of at least 6 months after program end date
    • Pay $395 non-refundable deposit via online application
      • Submitting deposit does not guarantee program placement nor does it retain spot – please complete this step last.

Program Dates

Program dates subject to change.

  • May 13: UF courses begin
  • June 2: Nebrija Orientation
  • June 3: Nebrija June courses begin
  • June 13 & 14: Nebrija June midterm exams
  • June 27: Nebrija June final exams
  • June 28: June course review
  • June 28-June 30: Business, Lang. & Culture break
  • July 1: Nebrija July courses begin
  • July 11 & 12: Nebrija July midterm exams
  • July 24: Nebrija July final exams
  • July 25: Holiday
  • August 8: Homestay ends

Please note that on-site portion of the program ends before the end of the UF Summer 2024 semester. Your lectures and your final exam will likely fall after you return to the US. Exam dates are not finalized until the start of the Summer 2024 semester. Please stick to the program dates above so you can be ready for any required class activities/final exams on Monday, August 9. Students should not plan on traveling between August 7-11. Any onward plans other than returning to the US on the designated program end date are at your own risk and will not be considered mitigating circumstances in relation to exam scheduling.

Program dates subject to change.

  • August 23: UF courses begin
  • August 29: UF Drop/add end
  • September 1: Students arrive in Madrid
  • September 2: Nebrija Orientation
  • September 3: Nebrija Intensive Spanish classes begin
  • September 13: final exams of the intensive course
  • September 17: Nebrija semester classes begin
  • October 28 – 31: Nebrija Mid-term exams
  • November 1: Los Santos Holiday (no Nebrija classes)
  • November 20: Last day to withdraw from UF online business courses
  • December 6: Constitución Holiday
  • December 7: Last day of UF classes
  • December 9-15: UF Final Exams week
  • December 17 & 18 Nebrija Final exams
  • December 19: Nebrija semester ends

Program dates subject to change.

  • January 8: Students arrive in Madrid
  • January 13: UF Online courses begin
  • April 23: Last day of UF Online classes
  • April 26-May 2: UF final exams week
  • May 23: Program ends – students vacate residences

Please note that the program ends after the UF Spring semester. Due to this, you will be unable to register for Summer A or Summer C courses in 2025.

Terms of Agreement

Students must withdraw from their study abroad program on or before the following dates to avoid fee liability:

Group hiking with helmets in mountains of Asturias, Spain.
  • Summer: April 1
  • Fall: July 1
  • Spring: November 1

Students become financially obligated for the full cost of their study abroad program after these dates. Only in extreme circumstances (e.g., serious personal injury, family emergency, etc.) will a student be allowed to petition for withdrawal prior to the start of the program. Petitions will be reviewed by the Associate Dean and Director of the Heavener School of Business.

Academic Structure

Business, Language & Culture

(13-17 credit hours)

All students are required to take at least two courses offered by Nebrija and at least one UF online business course. Students must take at least one other course (Nebrija course and/or online UF business course).

2-3 Nebrija Courses (3 transfer credits each)

Course offerings (contingent upon Spanish Placement Test results)

  • A1-B2.1 Spanish level students are required to take at least one Spanish language course according to their skill level; these students are strongly encouraged to take at least one additional Spanish course.
  • B2.2-C2 Spanish level students are strongly encouraged to take at least one Spanish course.

1-2 Online UF Business Course (4 UF credits each)

These courses follow the UF fall and spring calendars.

  • BUL4310: Business Law
  • ENT3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • GEB3373: International Business
  • MAN3025: Principles of Management
  • MAN4504: Operations Management
  • MAR3023: Principles of Marketing
Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Course

Before the start of regular semester classes, students embark on an intensive language course in accordance with their Spanish skill level. The intensive course runs two weeks in fall and three weeks in spring. Students will have class Monday through Friday during the intensive course.

(9-14 credit hours)

All students are required to take three courses offered by Nebrija. Students can also opt to take one online UF business course if desired.

Nebrija Courses (3 transfer credits each)

All students will take two courses in June and one course in July. All courses take place Monday through Friday for a total of five sessions per week/per course.

  • A1-B1 Spanish level (contingent upon Spanish Placement Test)
  • B2.1-C2 Spanish level (contingent upon Spanish Placement Test) – students are strongly encouraged to take two Spanish courses

Optional: 1 Online UF Business Course (4 UF credits)

These courses follow the UF summer C calendar.

  • BUL4310: Business Law
  • ENT3003: Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • MAN3025: Principles of Management **only offered Summer A
  • MAN4504: Operations Management
  • MAR3023: Principles of Marketing

Program Costs

Program Fee

Program fee is determined by housing selection and program type.

Business, Language, and Culture

Housing SelectionProgram Fee
HomestayHomestay arranged by UF partner; Breakfast & lunch or dinner included$9,100
Independent HousingStudents find & pay for their own housing with no assistance from UF$6,150

Program fee is determined by program type and housing selection.

Business, Language & Culture

Housing SelectionProgram Fee
HomestayHomestay arranged by UF partner; Breakfast & lunch or dinner included$14,450
Independent HousingStudents find & pay for their own housing with no assistance from UF$9,900

Program fee is determined by program type and housing selection.

Business, Language & Culture

Housing SelectionProgram Fee
HomestayHomestay arranged by UF partner; Breakfast & lunch or dinner included$15,160
Independent HousingStudents find & pay for their own housing with no assistance from UF$10,000
Student group relaxing in Templo de Debod Park in Madrid, Spain

Program fee includes all academic expenses (tuition/fees), orientations, co-curricular activities & excursions, housing/utilities (refer to above options), Madrid public transportation pass (metro and bus) for the first month of your stay, international travel medical insurance, and 24/7 emergency support. The $395 deposit paid at the time of application is included in the above figure. Note that some courses may require additional fees upon arrival.

Other Estimated Expenses

In addition to the Program Fee, which is billed and due before the program begins, students can also expect to incur the following incidentals at various stages before or during the program.

  • Passport (if needed): $145 – $205
  • Visa: $160
    • Fall and Spring only
  • Flight: $600-$1200
  • Textbooks/Supplies: $100-$350
  • Accommodations often require a housing deposit: €600-700
    • Independent Housing students only
  • Phone: $15-$50/month
  • Meals: $250-$1000/month
  • Independent student housing: $500-$3000/month
  • Other personal expenses: $100-$1200/month
    • E.g., shopping, leisure, travel, etc.
Palacio Real in Madrid, Spain

The above figures are general estimates. All incidentals, except the passport and visa, will vary between students depending on circumstances and preferences. Students are strongly encouraged to devise a budget for meals and other personal expenses in-country. The currency in Spain is the Euro (€).


The UF in Madrid program features three housing options. Housing selection impacts the program fee billed by UF. Students will select their housing choice by a designated deadline during the post-approval stage.

Homestays are arranged by Nebrija. Students complete an application form indicating their preferences and special considerations but do not choose their own home/family.

Homestay provides a more authentic cultural living experience. You will live at a local family or individual’s home in Madrid during the program. Homestays are “half board,” meaning two meals will be provided by the host each day (breakfast and either lunch or dinner).

In order to accommodate every budget and accommodation preference, this option allows students to organize their own housing in Madrid. Students can choose to rent a studio apartment, sublease a private room in shared apartment, live in a Co-Living facility, or become part of the community in a Student Residencia, which can best be described as a private residence hall for students. If you plan to locate your own housing, you will need to submit the address where you will be living, information about roommates, if any, and a waiver in your UF study abroad application. While UF cannot make specific recommendations for private accommodations, we will discuss housing considerations and options students have used in the past during the UF in Madrid First Meeting. We will also help students organize around roommate preferences.

Outside The Classroom

Student in front of fountain at Plaza de Espana in Seville, Spain.

Madrid is an energetic city rich in history with plenty of places to enjoy and explore. Nebrija provides many co-curricular and extracurricular activities around Madrid. These activities will keep students’ calendars packed! For fall and spring programs, students can take advantage of clubs at Nebrija. We encourage students to do some research, think about how best to spend their free time, and try to connect with locals whenever possible! Check out a few resources below:

Pre-departure Preparations

In addition to regular advising during the application process, Heavener International Programs hosts a series of sessions for program participants that are designed to offer support and manage student expectations:

Student overlooking city view of Madrid, Spain.
  • First Meeting: Typically held within a week of the study abroad application deadline, students meet others in the cohort and begin networking. Cultural resources are reviewed and further pre-departure tasks are clarified.
  • Pre-Departure Session: Typically held two weeks prior to the end of UF classes the preceding semester, final preparations (e.g., packing, finances, phones, etc.) are reviewed. Arrival information, daily life, health & safety, and more are also addressed.

Exact session dates and times are provided upon formal acceptance into the program. Students also complete an online Pre-Departure Module designed and overseen by the UF International Center and receive regular communication from Heavener International Programs and Nebrija each step of the way. Lastly, students are provided with a Heavener International Programs Pre-Departure Guide approximately 2-4 weeks before departure.