Incoming Undergraduate Business Exchange

Group of students in front of Heavener Hall
Fall 2023 Incoming Exchange Students & UF GBS

Welcome to the Heavener School of Business!

Our College welcomes students from our partner institutions to study business at the University of Florida for a semester or academic year. Together with UF International Center (UFIC), we aim to connect incoming exchange students to our college community and provide enriching experiences that will benefit them personally, academically, and professionally. The undergraduate exchange office within the Heavener school of Business aims to help incoming exchange students acclimate to the culture, lifestyle, and academic life at the University of Florida. We are confident that your time at UF will be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences in your life.

Please consult the following links to learn more about the University of Florida and the Business Exchange program in the Heavener School of Business.

Students are eligible to apply for the UF Business Exchange Program if they attend a business partner school and receive a nomination from their home university. The international office at the home university should send nominations directly through the UF International Center.

Nominated students should complete the online UFIC exchange application by the posted deadlines. Course registration cannot begin until all application documents have been submitted and all university holds have been removed.

Courses Offered
  • Course Offerings
  • Business Course Syllabi
  • Schedule of Courses (all UF courses)
    This page contains all courses offered by the University of Florida, many of which may not be available to undergraduate business students. Specific course schedules for incoming exchange students are released in April (Fall semester) and October (Spring semester).
Business Core Courses - Electronic Platform

All undergraduate exchange business students should plan on taking at least one of the business core courses. These courses are taught via “Electronic Platform” which allows students to attend lectures and view past lectures on the internet.

Credit Hours

Undergraduate exchange students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours and can take up to 18 credit hours. The average course load at UF is 12-16 credit hours. Credit hours represent the amount of hours spent in class each week. Students should expect to spend an average of 1-2 hours outside the classroom for every credit hour enrolled.

Recommended Undergraduate Student Schedule
  • 4 credits: Core course
  • 4 credits: Business elective #1
  • 4 credits: Business elective #2
  • 3 credits: Elective taught by other UF colleges

Exchange students are not able to register themselves for courses which have a pre-requisite. To be registered, students must complete all application requirements and submit an online course request form. Students are encouraged to submit their course request and complete application requirements as early as possible so they can get their top choices.

Please review the course registration instructions.

Course Eligibility

Exchange students from business partner schools have access to all business courses, but seats are not guaranteed in any courses. Pre-requisites are enforced for some courses but not for all. Exchange students from non-business partner schools may enroll in business elective courses at the start of the semester if space is available. Due to space restrictions, seats may not be available in many business courses at this time.

How to Request Business Courses at UF

Business exchange students and exchange students wishing to take business courses should complete the online business course request form as early as possible so the College can reserve seats accordingly.

Add/Drop Period

Students can modify their schedule during the first week of classes. This provides students with the opportunity to meet the instructor and review the syllabus. Although classes can be added through the end of the first week, many classes will not have seats available at this time.

Mandatory Business Orientations

Students should arrive a few days before the term begins to finalize housing, take care of technology and administrative needs, become familiar with the UF campus, and attend mandatory orientations. Students are required to check in with the UF International Center as soon as they arrive in Gainesville so visa requirements can be verified. Students should verify housing check-in dates with their housing provider.

Students taking business courses at UF are required to attend both the Warrington orientation and the UF International Center Orientation. Please refer to the UF International Center website and communications for specific dates and times for the UFIC Orientation.

UF International Center Orientation (Spring 2024)
Friday, January 5th, 2024
More details to be sent by UFIC

Undergraduate Business Exchange Orientation (Spring 2024)
Saturday, January 6th, 2024, 9:30am – 11:30am, 3-5pm
Heavener Hall, Room 160

Note: Students who don’t attend both orientations will be withdrawn from their academic courses unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If special circumstances prevent attendance at the mandatory orientations, students should seek permission for late arrival from the College of Business. Students may be permitted to arrive after the orientation in certain instances. Students will not be allowed to arrive after the first week of classes under any circumstances.

Global Gathering

In the third week of each semester, the College holds an event to welcome incoming exchange students. Students introduce themselves and their home universities to UF students and enjoy a pizza party together.

Global Business Society (Gator Guides)

The Global Business Society is a group of business students who welcome incoming exchange students to the college through events and activities. Each incoming exchange student will be matched with a UF student (Gator Guide) prior to their arrival to help them navigate campus and university life.

UF Navigators International

The UF Navigators pair incoming exchange students with UF students and organize several trips outside of Gainesville, including a weekend in Orlando visiting the theme parks, a trip to the beach, and other weekend events.

Undergraduate News

Follow the College news blog throughout the semester to learn about college events and opportunities.