Choosing Your Electives

Business majors are encouraged to take additional business courses to serve as their electives. Other courses outside the School may also be useful and may count toward your General Education, restricted elective, or minor requirements. When choosing an elective, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will this course expand my knowledge of business?
  • Will this course give me a broader personal or professional perspective?
  • Will this course help me develop skills that I can use in the workplace?
  • How will this course look on my resume/transcript?
  • Would this course be worth discussing in a job interview?
  • Does this course really interest me?
  • Does this course count toward a minor or some other degree requirement?

Recommended Business Courses

BUL 4443 Ethics in Global Business
Explores issues involving the role of individuals, citizens, business, and government in promoting profitable but responsible commerce and socially beneficial business activity. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

ENT 3003 Principles of Entrepreneurship
Practical, hands-on understanding of the stages of entrepreneurial process. Focus on the decision-making process within a start-up company.

FIN 4934 Venture Capital & Private Equity
Students will learn about venture capital and private equity investing by exercising the skills used by professional firms. Learning activities will include developing and evaluating business plans, valuation and calculating potential investment returns, deal structuring, and developing debt structuring models. Prerequisite: Finance major and FIN 4243 or FIN 4504.

MAN 4930 Organizational Leadership
The art and science of leadership, development of leadership skills, review of leadership literature. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

MAR 4403 Sales Management
Principles, methods and problems relating to the management of a sales force; selection/training, organization, compensation/stimulation, and control. Prerequisite: ACG 2021 (or equivalent) and MAR 3023 with grades of C or better.

REE 3043 Real Estate Analysis
Principles of real estate decision making within the context of our economic, social, legal and political-governmental systems. Prerequisite: ACG 2021 or AEB 3133 or AEB 3144 or BCN 4753.

REE 4303 Real Estate Investment Decision Making
Explores real estate investment and the demands, skills and challenges of decision-making for those who make such investments. Prerequisite: REE 3043 with a grade of B or better.