Undergraduate Scholarships

The Warrington College of Business’s Heavener School of Business offers several opportunities for undergraduate students to apply for scholarships each year: in March for the summer semester, in May for the fall semester and again in October for spring semester awards. Over $50,000 in scholarships, in amounts ranging from $500 to $2,000, is awarded each year to undergraduate business, online business, and students studying abroad.

Eligibility Requirements

All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements at the time of application:

  1. Undergraduate student
  2. Currently enrolled full-time at the University of Florida
    1. Fall or Spring semesters require at least 12 credits
    2. Summer semester requires at least 6 credits
  3. Appropriate major
    1. General academic scholarship applicants must be one of the following:
      1. Undergraduate Business majors (excluding accounting)
      2. Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration students
    2. Study abroad scholarship applicants must be one of the following:
      1. Any student completing a Heavener International Program (UF in Dublin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Europe or Vietnam)
      2. Business-only majors planning to participate on an exchange program

The Scholarship Committee looks at many factors when awarding scholarships including donor-stipulated conditions, academic record, and/or financial need. If you wish to meet one of the special donor-stipulated conditions as specified in the scholarship list at the bottom of this page, be sure to include this information in your application. All WCB Scholarship awards are only valid for one term. Students must submit a new application and new materials for each term that they wish to be considered for any award (this includes the Latin-American Caribbean scholarship).

A current FAFSA must be on file with the university in order to be considered for need-based scholarships. International students should submit the Determination of Financial Need Form – without this, international students are ineligible for need-based scholarships.

Scholarship Process

To apply, complete the online scholarship application. The application must be completed all at once, so please have your essay, resume, and any other materials saved as PDF documents before opening the application.

  1. Online scholarship application which includes academic plan and permission for Disclosure
  2. Statement of purpose (1-2 pages, double-spaced)
    • Indication of need for scholarship
    • Outline of academic and career goals
    • Description of study abroad plans and goals, if studying abroad
  3. Resume
  4. Letter of recommendation
    Letter cannot be written by a Heavener School of Business International Programs staff member. Recommendation letter must be submitted as a PDF document. The recommender may choose to email the letter instead if preferred.
  5. Additional essays (if applicable)
  6. International Students only: Determination of Financial Need form must be submitted in order to be considered for need-based awards.

NOTE: Scholarship essays should be original and updated for each term of application. Any scholarship materials found in violation of the UF Student Honor code will result in the disqualification of the application.

Applications close at 11:59pm on the listed deadline. Late materials will not be accepted and incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

  • October 1 for spring semester awards
  • March 1 for summer semester awards
  • May 1 for fall semester awards

Scholarship List id="scholarship-list"

The income from an endowment is available annually to provide scholarships for worthy students in any business major. Awards are based on academic achievement or financial need with consideration to students studying abroad.

This scholarship is awarded in variable amounts. Selection is based on academic achievement or financial need.

This scholarship is awarded to students studying abroad or from the Tampa area.

This fund supports undergraduate study abroad scholarships in the Warrington College of Business with preference given to study abroad students from Polk County.

This fund supports scholarships for undergraduate business students participating in the Heavener International programs.

The fund supports the Heavener School of Business undergraduate study abroad programs with scholarships for students studying abroad.

This memorial scholarship is funded by an endowment established by Johnson family members and business associates of Forms Manufacturers Equipment, Inc. Eligibility is limited to Management majors, and recipients are selected based on academic achievement or financial need.

This fund supports merit scholarships for students in their junior year (3BA) in the business college with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. The family strongly prefers that the recipients are “well-rounded students” who avoid motorcycles. Applicants will be required to submit a 2-page, double spaced, essay demonstrating:

  • Academic and non-academic interests
  • Avoiding riding motorcycles
  • Highlighting leadership skills
  • Involvement in community service

The fund supports scholarship for undergraduates with preference to students from Marion County.

Citizens of select Latin American or Caribbean countries are eligible for this award for current business students. Must apply each term by the deadlines listed above.

The scholarship is awarded to business undergraduate students participating in a Warrington College of Business Study Abroad Program.

The endowment supports undergraduate business students based on need or merit. Students from the Tampa area will be given priority in the selection process.

Scholarships are awarded annually from the income of an endowment fund established by friends and former students of Dr. McFerrin, retired professor of Finance and Associate Dean of the College. Selection is based on academic achievement and financial need.

A scholarship to any business major with financial need, with preference given to a student suffering temporary financial setback (death of parent, natural disaster, etc.) and from Martin, St. Lucie, Palm Beach & Dade counties.

This memorial scholarship is funded by and endowment established by the Prosser family for their son, Todd. Selection is based on business students who demonstrate academic excellence and need with preference to students graduating from high schools in Marion, Alachua or Lake County.

A memorial scholarship for students studying abroad who are majoring in Business Administration with course concentration in Human Resource Management.

A scholarship is awarded to finance majors who demonstrate academic excellence. Qualified applicants must be U.S. residents.

A need-based scholarship awarded to finance majors who demonstrate academic excellence and who have completed BUL 4310 or a business ethics course. Qualified applicants must be U.S. residents.

This memorial scholarship is funded by an endowment established by the Schlueter family for their son, Brent. Selection is based on business students who show academic achievement or financial need with preference given to finance majors or members of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity.

A scholarship fund to provide support to business students and students who study abroad and demonstrate financial need.