The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program was started in 2001 and has evolved to primarily a Combination Degree Program for students from various University of Florida undergraduate degree programs wanting to complete both their undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Finance degree within four years.

UF undergraduate students apply during their second year on campus and they begin MSF courses their third year. Students take graduate level finance courses alongside MBA students, and in MSF-only classes, in lieu of some of their undergraduate degree courses. The students intern the summer after their third year with the firm they plan to return to full-time upon graduation. Most MSF students come from undergraduate finance, accounting, economics, engineering and mathematics programs.

The MSF program also serves students who want access to Ph.D. courses or a joint degree from the UF Levin College of Law.

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Program Enhancements

The Capital Markets Lab has nine Bloomberg terminals for student use, with a wide spectrum of real business applications. The Lab also features large flat screen monitors to provide broadcasts of CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and other financial news networks. Finally, a prominent stock ticker and electronic stock boards keeps students abreast of market changes with real-time information.

Capital IQ accounts included for each MSF student offer, “the highest quality information on both public and private capital markets along with powerful applications for desktop research, screening, real-time market data, backtesting, portfolio management, financial modeling, quantitative analysis, and more. Our product suite empowers the world’s leading financial professionals to identify investment opportunities, draw unique insights, and increase returns.”

The Finance Professional Speaker Series brings finance professionals through the fall and spring to discuss their area of expertise. Speakers demonstrate how professionals approach specific problems, give insight into particular industries, discuss major trends in the various markets and industries in which they operate, and talk about career strategies.

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Other News

Fall 2017: Addition of two new lecturers to the MSF Program

T. Clark Durant, Ph.D., who teaches FIN6785 Structuring and Solving Business Problems
D. Aaron Brask, Ph.D., who will be teaching FIN6930 Equity Portfolio Strategies

Spring 2016:

Time magazine’s April 25, 2016 cover story on the U.S. debt, “The United States of Insolvency” by James Grant generated significant buzz in print media and the blogosphere. The same week, UF Lecturer, Mr. Bruce Foerster, held his annual UF panel discussion sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise: Capitalism and Capital Markets, entitled, “The Federal Deficit…Visible and Invisible. Should We Worry About It? How Large Is It? What Can We Do About It?”

Michael Tanner, a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and G. William (“Bill”) Hoagland, Senior Vice President of the Bipartisan Policy Center were this year’s panelists. Michael McKee, a Bloomberg Radio host and Bloomberg Television’s economics editor, moderated the panel.

Video of the UF panel presentation can been seen on Time.

CFA Research Challenge Co-Champions in the Americas Regional Finals: Tyler Prebor, Michael Pappas and Joseph Jurbala

Spring 2015:

Congratulations to MSF 2015 students, Tyler Prebor, Michael Pappas and Joseph Jurbala, for being CFA Research Challenge Co-Champions in the Americas Regional Finals and for competing well in the Global Finals.