William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance 2022-23

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About the Master of Science in Finance program

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program started in 2001 and has evolved to primarily a combination degree program for students from various University of Florida undergraduate degree programs wanting to complete both their undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Finance degree within four years.

UF undergraduate students apply during their second year on campus and begin MSF courses in their third year. Students take graduate-level finance courses alongside MBA and other finance students, in lieu of some undergraduate degree courses. Students intern the summer after their third year with the firm they plan to return to full time after graduation. Most MSF students come from undergraduate finance, accounting, economics and mathematics programs.

The MSF program also serves students who want access to Ph.D. courses or a joint degree from the UF Levin College of Law.

From the Director's Desk

The 2022-2023 academic year was eventful.

The largest class in program history graduated this May. Fifty seniors graduated, which is almost double the historical average. Placements and the maturity of the Class of 2023 were on par with previous classes. The ability to offer the MSF experience to larger cohorts is the result of strong incoming University of Florida freshman classes, the efforts of Kelly Herring and the faculty teaching in the program, and alumni financial support.

Class sizes of around 50 will continue in the years to come. High performing Gators are a rapidly growing force in finance.

Strong and practical instruction embraced by the students enrolled in the program has been the cornerstone of the MSF program. However, the program instruction must continue to evolve. To that end, enhancements to the program curriculum were made in the 2022-2023 academic year: elective courses in Behavioral Finance and Machine Learning were offered, and computer programing was integrated into one of the core courses.


David Brown, PhD
Director, Master of Science in Finance program

David Brown, Director, Master of Science in Finance program

MSF stands among nation’s elite

The MSF program remained in the nation’s top 10 graduate finance programs on the QS 2023 Master’s in Finance rankings.

For the fourth consecutive year, the MSF program was named No. 6 among the ranked U.S. programs (No. 4 among U.S. public schools), following the University of California – Los Angeles, the University of California – Berkeley and the University of Texas – Austin.

Among global master’s degree programs in finance, the UF MSF program was named the No. 31 program out of the 189 ranked global programs, securing its spot in the top 16 percent of international master’s programs in finance.

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U.S. Program
QS 2023 Master's in Finance rankings

Class Overview

The MSF program continues to grow the quality and diversity of its students.

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Investing in the best

The Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF) is a student-managed investment fund that gives members a realistic asset management experience. Students work with real capital and deploy it in value-oriented domestic equities while actively managing portfolio risk.

MSF students with David Brown and Kelly Herring at the New York Stock Exchange

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Prepared for the future

MSF students are prepared for the finance industry through their time in the program. They learn daily about the industry and receive the best training possible to be immediate contributors on their first day of a job or internship.

Two individuals presenting to a classroom of students

Incoming MSF Class of 2025

Rising MSF juniors are spending their summer working in sophomore summer opportunities with these companies. Thank you to UF alumni that helped make these experiences happen.

Dan Williams, Founder, Lightning Partners presents to a classroom of MSF students
Dan Williams, Managing Director, Lighting Partners, has hired undergraduates for sophomore summer investment banking experience for several years. In summer 2023, he added freshmen summer hires.
  • ADT, Boca Raton
  • Allstate, remote
  • Amazon, Harrisburg
  • Amazon, Seattle
  • Bank of America, NYC (2)
  • Bank of Montreal, NYC
  • Bayshore Capital, Tampa
  • Beach Point Capital, St. Petersburg
  • Elion Partners, Miami
  • Energy Impact Partners, NYC
  • Enhanced Retail Solutions, NYC
  • Ernst & Young, Atlanta
  • FNB Corporation, Pittsburgh
  • Freepoint Commodities, Stamford
  • Jefferies, NYC (2)
  • JM Family, Deerfield Beach
  • Koss Olinger, Gainesville
  • Lightning Partners, Orlando (2)
  • Lorient Capital, Miami
  • NextEra Energy, Juno Beach
  • NeXtGen Biologics, Gainesville (2)
  • Northrop Grumman, DC
  • Ocean Blue, Miami
  • Pacific Coast Capital Partners, Atlanta
  • Pickard Poser Wealth Management, Miami
  • Public Pension Capital, NYC
  • Raymond James, St. Petersburg
  • Royal Caribbean, Miami
  • Silver Mile Capital, London
  • The Federal Reserve Bank, NYC
  • University of Florida Investment Corporation, Gainesville
  • World Toilet Organization, Singapore

Bruce Foerster retiring

Bruce Foerster taught the MSF Capitalism course for 20 years. Every year, Bruce’s course culminated with a panel, sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise: Capitalism and Capital Markets. This year’s topic was: Amtrack at 51+ Years of Age – Is This Any Way to Run a Railroad? It was moderated by Jay R. Ritter, PhD, Joe B. Cordell Eminent Scholar Chair, University of Florida.

Other members of the panel were:

Bruce Foerster stands with panel members Geoffrey H. Doughty, Jim Mathews and Ruth Steiner, and moderator Jay R. Ritter
  • Geoffrey H. Doughty, life-long railroad executive and co-author AMTRAK – America’s Railroad – Transportation’s Orphan and Its Struggle for Survival
  • Jim Mathews, President & CEO, Rail Passengers Association (formerly NARP), a 501(c)(3) advocate for all U.S. transit and commuter rail passengers
  • Ruth Steiner, Professor and Director, Center for Health and the Built Environment, research on transportation and its impact on land use, University of Florida

In addition to teaching, Bruce has annually hosted a series of round tables for students to learn about areas of the finance industry.

Upon his retirement from UF, Saby Mitra, Dean, Warrington College of Business, and Dave Brown thanked Bruce for his contribution. He was awarded, Distinction of University of Florida Honorary Alumnus.

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Staying connected

Many MSF alumni remained closely connected to the program and give their time to help the next generation of students learn about the finance industry.

Phil Smith presents in a classroom

Donors play an integral part in the growth of the MSF program.


  • Alan S. & Barbara A. Pareira
$10,000 - $24,999

  • Adams Homes
  • Janice F. & Charles F. Cellier
  • Saul Goodman
  • Catherine T. & Peter L. Gylfe*
$5,000 - $9,999

  • Robert C.* & Kelly M. Arditi
  • Daniel L. & Lindsay R. Beiley
  • Russell Carpenter
  • Marta Cotton
  • Kyle J. Deasy*
  • Steven B.* & Kimberly B. DeRose
  • Thomas A. Horkan III & Zandra P. Horkan
  • Brian D. & Julie Peller
$2,000 - $4,999

  • Canon Coleman II & Lisa D. Coleman
  • Roy R. & Gayle S. Dickson
  • Steven M. & Natalie E. Raney
  • Laurence R. Smith & Margaret Saba-Smith
  • Matthew J. Steffes
$500 - $1,999

  • Robert G. & Catherine C. Abood
  • Michael J.* & Lauren B. Andreas
  • Randy & Sheryl E. Appleyard
  • Brennan A.* & Emily E. Bubp
  • Andrew N. Cappello Jr.*
  • David Deckman*
  • Andrew S. Devenbeck*
  • Desi DiPierro*
  • Crystal S. Gao*
  • David R. & Nicole D. Geller
  • Kevin A. Mesmer*
  • Christopher A.* & Justine M. Noth
  • Kristin E.* & Matthew M. Olson
  • Brent M. Penter*
  • Ronald P. Smith*
  • Brenden M. Vickers*
  • Andrew S.* & Melissa M. Winner
  • Haiyan Wu* & Zhiwen Tang
$1 - $499

  • Arif H. Ahmed
  • Joshua A. Berry*
  • Dr. David T. Brown
  • Keene Chau*
  • Avi S. Dahan*
  • Anand N. Dhuldhoya* & Dr. Shachi D. Zaveri
  • Morgan A. Eddy*
  • Eric L. & Dr. Karyn G. Herndon
  • Rashit M. Ismail & Mona El Alaoui
  • Joseph T. Kersanac*
  • Jeffrey S. Masse*
  • Abraham A.* & Kristina P. Ouano
  • David A. Pinsky*
  • Eric B. Rabinowitz
  • Jesse Rosenblum*
  • Daniel S.* & Laura G. Sanborn
  • Adam M.* & Emily D. Schiff
  • Nicholas J. Sorenson*
  • Perry Steele
  • Sarahanna Thomas*
  • Mitchell J. Zitsbank*

*MSF Alumni

Corporate Support

  • Bloomberg L.P.

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Ready for the real world

MSF students are prepared to be immediate contributors in finance roles. With their strong preparation in the program, students are sought by some of the most recognizable companies in the industry.

David Brown with three students in caps and gowns outside of the O'Connell Center after the ceremony
98% of the graduating seniors accepted full-time analyst positions before graduation
MSF graduating class of 2023 in caps and gowns
100% of MSF rising seniors have summer 2023 internship placement
Dave Brown and MSF students in class

Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our outstanding students who received these scholarships.

Jeffrey M. Levine with Jack Dellenger and Avery Fu

Jeffrey M. Levine Banking Scholarship:

Jack Dellenger
Jack Dellenger
Avery Fu
Avery Fu

Betty W. Penter Memorial Scholarship:

Grant Stanish
Grant Stanish

William R. Hough Scholarship:

Sebastian Carson
Sebastian Carson
Marek Hornak
Marek Hornak
Noah Lewis
Noah Lewis
Caleb Pezzi
Caleb Pezzi
Demoi Smith
Demoi Smith
Jonathon (Kevin) Tyler
J Kevin Tyler
Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson

Peter Gylfe honored

MSF alumnus Peter Gylfe was named to Institutional Investor’s 2023 Hedge Fund Rising Stars. Gylfe is one of 10 people from around the nation included on the list for his rising prominence in the hedge fund industry.

Gylfe is senior portfolio manager at Millennium Management, where he has built and runs a fundamental long-short equity strategy focused on the industrials and materials sectors with a team of five analysts.

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