Program Options

The MSF program is primarily a combination degree program. It is open to all undergraduate majors with students typically coming from finance, economics, mathematics, engineering and accounting. With placement rates consistently 95%+ by graduation, the MSF program prepares students to make an immediate impact at some of the most desired companies in the world.

Combination Degrees

The combination degree option allows students to earn their master’s degree with minimal extra time in school after receiving their bachelor’s degree. Students apply during their second year on campus and they begin MSF courses their third year, simultaneously working to complete undergraduate and graduate degrees within four years.

Engineering, Math, Economics and other majors, please contact Mrs. Herring for Combination Degree course planning.

JD/MSF students graduate from the MSF Program at the same time they graduate from law school. Some of the credits will be shared between the two degrees, reducing the number of credits required for the MSF degree. These students will work out their individual course plans once accepted to the MSF program.