Combination Degree Finance Majors

The university created combination degree programs to provide academically talented students with an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in a shorter period of time. The program allows you to “double-count” graduate courses toward both degrees, reducing the time it would normally take to graduate by one semester. The combination degree program reduces the cost of both degrees and enhances your marketability for career advancement.

Students should apply during their second year on campus. Once accepted, they will begin MSF courses during their third year, simultaneously working to complete the undergraduate and graduate degrees within four years. Participating in the MSF Combination Degree courses is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the undergraduate prerequisites for FIN 4243, 4414, 4504.

Courses and Curriculum

16 graduate credits may be taken prior to receiving the undergraduate degree: 12 undergraduate substitution credits plus 4 additional not used for undergraduate degree requirements.

Required Courses

Module courses are 2 credits each totaling 12 credits.

Complete remaining undergraduate degree requirements during Junior Fall, Junior Spring, and Senior Fall.

Junior Fall and Spring
FIN 6545-4319 Fixed Income Security Valuation*21
FIN 6785-1920 Investment Banking & Corp Fin Modeling I**21
FIN 6547-5543 Interest Rate Risk Management*22
FIN 6786-1921 Investment Banking & Corp Fin Modeling II**22
FIN 6528 Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy***24

*Degree substitutions for FIN 4243
**Degree substitutions for FIN 4414
***Degree substitutions for FIN 4504

Senior Fall and Senior Spring
FIN 6537 Derivative Securities*21
FIN 6525 Asset Allocation Project Course**23-4

*Degree substitutions for FIN 4504
**Semester-long course


These electives are 2 credits each and are taken in addition to the substitutions in the required courses.

A maximum of 4 additional graduate credits may be taken during Junior Spring and Senior Fall.

Take remainder of 32 MSF credits from the electives during Senior Spring.

Option: extra MSF courses may be taken to count towards the undergraduate degree electives, however the courses taken to satisfy undergraduate degree electives will not be applied towards the MSF degree.

Junior Spring and Senior Spring
FIN 6936 Special Topics in Investment Finance*3 & 4
FIN 6930 Equity Portfolio Strategies3
FIN 6496 Mergers & Acquisitions3
FIN 6930 Structuring & Solving Business Problems3
FIN 6429 Financial Decision Making (Senior)3
REE 6045 Intro to Real Estate**3
REE 6208 Secondary Mortgage Markets and Securitization3
FIN 6296 Capitalism4
FIN 6438 Study in Valuation (Senior)4
ENT 6416 Venture Finance (Senior)4
REE 6395 Investment Property Analysis (Senior)3
FIN 6575 Emerging Markets
FIN 6728 Capitalism & Regulation4
FIN 6549 Special Topics in Fixed Income Securities3

*Highly recommended during Junior year.
**Not required for other REE courses.

Senior Fall
FIN 6465 Financial Statement Analysis1
FIN 6638 International Finance2
REE 6045 Introduction to Real Estate1
REE 6395 Investment Property Analysis2
FIN 6930 Value Investing1
Total graduate credits: 32