William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance 2020-21


Executive Summary

About the Master of Science in Finance program

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program started in 2001 and has evolved to primarily a combination degree program for students from various University of Florida undergraduate degree programs wanting to complete both their undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Finance degree within four years.

UF undergraduate students apply during their second year on campus and begin MSF courses in their third year. Students take graduate-level finance courses alongside MBA and other finance students, in lieu of some undergraduate degree courses. Students intern the summer after their third year with the firm they plan to return to full time after graduation. Most MSF students come from undergraduate finance, accounting, economics and mathematics programs.

The MSF program also serves students who want access to Ph.D. courses or a joint degree from the UF Levin College of Law.

From the Director's Desk

I hope that this report finds you well. My heartfelt thanks for your support of the MSF Program.

The 2020-2021 academic year was challenging for students and faculty. Classes and the Finance Professional Speaker Series were conducted via Zoom. While not ideal, students, faculty and alumni made the best of the situation.

We are very excited to resume in person classes and be able to interact in person in the Fall semester. We are also very excited to have the MSF Program Class of 2023 begin their MSF course work this Fall as the largest class in MSF Program history. Almost 60 juniors, about twice the historical class size, will start the program in the Fall.

Admissions standards have not changed. This is a talented, motivated and mature cohort.


David Brown
Director, Master of Science in Finance program

David Brown, Director, Master of Science in Finance program

MSF Stands Out Among Peers

No. 4
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QS 2021 Master's in Finance rankings

Class Overview

The MSF program continues to grow the quality and diversity of its students.

Class ofSizeAverage SATAverage GPADiversity


Investing in Impact

The Gator Student Investment Fund is a student-managed investment fund that gives members a realistic asset management experience. It helps students stand out as valuable interns and make an immediate impact in their full-time positions after graduation.

Three GSIF students give a presentation

GSIF tops $1 million under management

The Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF) reached $1 million under management in February.

The fund also gives annual donations to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program, which assists historically low-income, first-generation college students in meeting their college costs.

In early 2021, GSIF distributed $18,000 to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program. In early 2022, the fund projects distributing $31,300 to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program.

GSIF donation benefits MFOS

The Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF) provides members with a realistic asset management experience, but it also makes annual donations to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars (MFOS) Program.

For some students in GSIF who are also part of the MFOS program, this creates a meaningful opportunity.

“It definitely means a lot to me, knowing that UF and MSF care about the first-generation students, promote diversity and inclusion and encourage higher education,” said Sally Yang, a recipient of the Canakaris Scholarship. “Being a first-generation student, the MFOS scholarship program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Because of MFOS, I was given the opportunity to learn about the MSF program, focus on my academic and extracurriculars, and graduate from UF debt free.”

While a member in GSIF, Yang (BSBA ’21, MSF ’22) was a consumer sector analyst. She put together pitches and collaborated with other members to complete research, discounted cash flow models and present in front of the portfolio managers for holding reviews and pitching rounds. From an eight-week training portion to the consistent research process, Yang took many tangible skills away from GSIF that will help her in the future.

“While I was in GSIF, I was constantly surrounded by intelligent people who are also passionate about the finance industry,” Yang said. “People in GSIF are also in different career tracks such as investment banking, asset management and consulting. I was able to gain some insights for various career paths through conversations with GSIF members and was motivated to learn as much as possible.”

Yang is currently interning with RBC Capital Markets in its Sales and Trading division.



A foundation for success

The MSF Program eases the transition for students through the Exploring Financial Economics (EFE) program, now joined by Stephanie Fajre, which provides students with the baseline information they need early in their time on campus and prepares them to stand out in the finance industry.

Student working in the Capital Markets Lab

EFE enhancements

EFE for first- and second-year students was enhanced with these sessions taught by MSF students:

  • Overview of Financial Services Industry
  • How to Follow Markets
  • Day to Day Responsibilities of Interns
  • Conducting a DCF Analysis
  • Pitching a Stock from Start to Finish

EFE Sophomore Summer 2020 Series

Thank you to alumni that participated in the EFE Sophomore Summer 2020 Series:

  • Nick Alter
  • Jon Bennett
  • Sonia Chen
  • Avi Dahan
  • Joseph Hafling
  • Tansel Ismail
  • Yasin Ismail
  • Marlo Mulhall
  • Brent Penter
  • Tyler Prebor
  • Cara Rawe
  • Jocelyn Richardson
  • Arley Ruskin
  • Kendall Ruskin
  • Matthew Schwarz

Incoming MSF Class of 2023

Students worked in outstanding sophomore summer opportunities.

  • Adams Street Partners, NYC
  • Landeavor, Tampa
  • Federal Reserve Bank, NYC (2)
  • Bank of America, Charlotte
  • Koss Olinger, Gainesville
  • Bessemer Client/Wealth Advisory, Miami
  • KPMG, Atlanta
  • Bluprint Capital, Palm Beach
  • Capco, St. Petersburg FL (2)
  • LCG Advisors, Tampa
  • Carbonxt, Gainesville
  • Lightning Partners, Orlando (2)
  • Cornerstone Home Lending, San Antonio
  • Miami to Columbus Capital Lending, Miami
  • CROM, Gainesville
  • NextEra Energy, Juno Beach
  • Crowley Maritime, Jacksonville
  • NeXtGen Biologics, Gainesville
  • CSC Properties, Tampa
  • Northrim Bank, Anchorage
  • Drew Capital, Tampa
  • Northrop Grumman, Melbourne FL
  • Exit Experts, Miami (2)
  • Prudential, Newark
  • Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, with Girls Who Invest, Chicago
  • RBC, NYC
  • Hawkeye Capital, Miami
  • Slate Path Capital, NYC
  • HPS Investment Partners, NYC
  • Trade PMR, Gainesville
  • Intuitive, Atlanta
  • Warren Equity Partners, Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • J.P. Morgan Chase, Dallas
  • Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte
  • Morgan Stanley, Pensacola
  • Aveanna Healthcare, Atlanta

Connecting students to consulting opportunities

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, small business around the world were struggling. Rem and Company decided to fill that gap by connecting students from many universities, including the University of Florida, to consulting roles that could keep those businesses afloat during the challenging times.

Today, Rem at UF consists of 30 students working with five different clients in the Gainesville community.

Connor Lovely (BSBA ’20, MSF ’21) first found out about Rem when a fellow MSF alumnus reached out to him about joining. Lovely was encouraged to start and lead the UF chapter of Rem on Campus because of his experience in the consulting industry.

Lovely will start his career as an Associate at Boston Consulting Group’s Miami office in August 2021, and Rem provided important learning opportunities before starting his career.

“I learned a lot from having to source some clients, as I was essentially acting as a partner at a consulting firm would by managing multiple client teams and relationships,” Lovely said. “Rem was a great experience for me as it allowed me to further develop my leadership skills while having an amazing impact on small businesses and nonprofits in the Gainesville community.”

Sydney Watson (BSBA ’22, MSF ’23) was introduced to the group while trying to find the best way to maximize her summer. Her summer soon became consumed by working with Rem, first as an Analyst before being promoted to a Strategist.

“Their analyst program provided the education needed to feel confident as a student consultant when the time came for me to become a strategist and join a client team,” Watson said. “The program consisted of conducting best practice research, developing business pieces that could be resources for small businesses, and participating in mock client interactions. Overall, the analyst program delivered in a multitude of ways to develop the transferable skills necessary to serve our clients and the community.”

Kosha Patel (BSBA, MSF ’23) found Rem at UF while searching for ways to aid the Gainesville community. Patel joined Rem as an analyst, writing key best practice pieces for small businesses before becoming a strategist with small business clients.

The experience served as an important opportunity as Patel continues as a student at Warrington.

“Rem provided us with numerous avenues for us to develop skills as a student consultant as we were working hands on to provide marketing, user experience and strategic recommendations to small businesses,” Patel said.



Together as one

MSF alumni play an integral role in the program long after they’ve graduated. Alumni return to campus to speak with students and share their resources to ensure that future MSF students are ready to stand out in their careers.

Speakers address students in a classroom
Finance Professional Speaker Series

This year had the largest volume of MSF Alumni donors and the greatest number of first-time donors.


  • Robert J. & Deana M. Cousin
  • M. Ann O’Brien
$25,000 - $49,999

  • Alan S. & Barbara A. Pareira
$10,000 - $24,999

  • Robert O. & Mary Fabrize
  • Saul D. Goodman & Nathalie Rubens
  • Jeffrey S. & Julia A. Rawson
  • Charles W. & Sylvia E. Uhrig
$5,000 - $9,999

  • Daniel L. & Lindsay R. Beiley
  • Russell W. & Jean Z. Carpenter
  • Sean D. & Amy H. Casterline
  • Marta Z. & Michael D. Cotton
  • Aindrea K. Davis-Mesa* & Michael J. Mesa
  • Kyle J. Deasy*
  • Steven M. & Natalie E. Raney
  • Laurence R. Smith & Margaret Saba-Smith
$2,000 - $4,999

  • W. Bryan* & Erin G. Adams
  • Steven B.* & Kimberly B. DeRose
  • Roy R. & Gayle S. Dickson
  • Thomas H.* & Emily K. Ganey
  • Alexander A. Heshmaty*
$500 - $1,999

  • Andrew Amend*
  • Bradley J. Andersen*
  • Michael J.* & Lauren B. Andreas
  • Brennan A.* & Emily E. Bubp
  • Andrew N. Cappello, Jr.*
  • David I. Deckman*
  • Andrew S. Devenbeck*
  • Desi A. DiPierro*
  • Michael D. Farrell*
  • Carleena G. Fiorenza*
  • Francisco J. Fornell*
  • Peter L.* & Catherine T. Gylfe
  • Tansel S. Ismail*
  • Joseph E. Jurbala*
  • Dillon L. Knox*
  • David LaBarge*
  • Matthew Levin*
  • Chandler R. Luger*
  • Joseph D. Mark* & Andrea A. Vargas-Mark
  • Dennis M. McCarthy*
  • Kevin A. Mesmer*
  • Daniel E. Milstein*
  • James G. Moorman
  • Christopher A.* & Justine M. Noth
  • Sami S. Qubain*
  • Sean M.* & Samantha L. Riley
  • Kendall S. Ruskin*
  • Mark J. Ruskin*
  • Matthew J. Steffes
  • Brenden M. Vickers*
  • Haiyan Wu* & Zhiwen Tang
  • Peter A. Zdebski*
  • Daniel A. Zemach*
$1 - $499

  • Arif H. Ahmed
  • Nicholas A. Alter*
  • Camden R. Anderson*
  • Dominique N. Angione*
  • Suraj S. Aulakh*
  • Grace L. Baecher*
  • Ashley V. Baros-Kabler*
  • Joshua A. Berry*
  • Briana Bloss
  • Adrian G. Figueroa*
  • Matthew Glover*
  • Ronald S. Heinkel II*
  • Michael K. Herman*
  • Casey B. Irish*
  • Daniel J. Mancini*
  • Alyssa A. Marov*
  • Jeffrey S. Masse*
  • Anthony R. Meehan III*
  • David A. Pinsky*
  • Daniel B. Romm*
  • Jesse I. Rosenblum*
  • Scout L. Royce*
  • Arley J. Ruskin*
  • Daniel S.* & Laura G. Sanborn
  • Adam M.* & Emily D. Schiff*
  • Nicholas J. Sorenson*
  • Michael T. Stalder*
  • Marie Thomas*
  • Matthew F.* & Andrea C. Tomey
  • Terrance Zhang*
  • Mitchell J. Zitsbank*

*MSF Alumni

Corporate Support

  • Bloomberg L.P.

Annual Panel Discussion

The Annual Panel Discussion, sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise: Capitalism and Capital Markets, was hosted on April 23. The discussion was titled ‘Will Bankruptcy Benefit or Bury Beautiful Borikén’ and included Marc J. Heimowitz – Founder & Managing Member, Coda Advisory Group, and Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin – President, American Action Forum.



Leaders of the pack

From their very first day in the MSF program, students are rigorously trained with their future in mind. They benefit from real-world experiences and immersive coursework to ensure they are ready for the finance industry.

Six graduating students in their caps and gowns
100% of placement-seeking seniors accepted full-time analysts positions before graduation
Congratulations, Class of 2021!
  • Andrea Alderman graduation photo
    Andie Alderman

    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

    Without the support of our numerous donors to the MSF program, my classmates and I would not have received the outstanding educational experience that we did in our past two years as MSF students. Unique course selection, smaller class sizes and access to the Bloomberg terminals were all vital resources in guiding our success and would not have been possible without donor support. Each of these resources enabled us to better ourselves as students and further our careers. Thank you for making the investment in the futures of students like myself and the many others who will follow me. Your continued support to our MSF Program is greatly appreciated.

  • Zachary Blanket waterfall on a hike
    Zachary Blanket

    Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

    The MSF program placed me in a tremendous position to succeed professionally. While the program allowed me to take advantage of numerous resources, access to older MSF students was perhaps the most beneficial. Despite having their own responsibilities, older students made it clear from the beginning that they were approachable and willing to use their experience to help younger students navigate the internship world. I was unsure which specific track I wanted to pursue within finance and the many sessions older students held to candidly discuss their internship experiences gave me the information I needed to narrow down the options and choose my path. After choosing the investment banking path, I worked to improve my resume based on crucial feedback older students gave me after they reviewed it. The program also held sessions in which I refined my interview skills by practicing both behavioral and technical interview questions with older students who gave up their time to help me build confidence in my answers. Finally, after I ultimately secured my big internship for the summer following my junior year, the older students once again helped by giving advice on performing well to increase the chance of receiving a full-time offer. This process inspired me to do the same and give back by mentoring younger MSF students and helping them along their journey. Watching them secure internships has arguably been even more rewarding than it was to receive my own offer. This cycle is what makes the MSF program truly special.

  • Austin Cavallo by the shore
    Austin Cavallo

    UBS, Weehawken, NJ

    Dr. Durant’s class, Structuring and Solving Business Problems, is preparation for resolving real-world business issues using tried-and-true problem-solving methods. His participatory teaching style and individual focus on improvement were instrumental in an enjoyable course, and it proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge and skills that I plan on utilizing for the entirety of my career. The values and principles that were also emphasized over its length will play a key role in the decisions that I make in the future. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to take Dr. Durant’s class and feel more prepared for my career having done so.

  • Laura Dominguez graduation photo with a mask on
    Laura Dominguez

    Citi Private Bank, New York, NY

    I am the Co-President of Diversity in Banking and Securities, an organization aimed at helping bring diversity to Wall Street by giving Gators of all backgrounds the necessary means and resources to excel in banking. Last year, I was part of the Executive Board that founded the organization on campus and being able to see the difference it made for so many students inspired me to take on this position and further shape the culture of future bankers at UF.

  • Jacob Finn as UF kicker
    Jacob Finn

    Continuing education

    The Finance Professional Speaker Series is an integral part of the MSF program and was a driving factor for me to join the program. As a young student the best way to learn the ins and outs of a new space is to be immersed within the topic, and every Friday during the semester I had the chance to be immersed within a new niche of finance. The Speaker Series gives many current students an inside look at various jobs, roles and functions in the ever-expanding world of finance. I am thankful for our esteemed alumni and other finance professionals for their willingness to share their experiences with the MSF community and I look forward to coming back to speak in the near future!

  • Thomas (Max) Frank in Charlotte
    Thomas (Max) Frank

    Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

    With COVID-19 keeping us out of the classroom, MSF professors were challenged with finding new ways to deliver the classes necessary to prepare students for their full-time jobs in the highly competitive finance industry. Fortunately, MSF professors were able to adapt and overcome this challenge, effectively making the transition to hosting classes virtually via Zoom. This would not have been possible without the commitment to learning that each MSF student possesses. During the pandemic, MSF students demonstrated their drive to excel in their future professions by continuing to give themselves to their classes, even when physical attendance was not possible. The era of COVID-19 was and still is a challenge for all of us, but in the case of the MSF program, it proved that its professors and students are able to work together to create an exceptional learning environment, even in the most trying times.

  • Jared Friedman in front of the Gator Good Distancing equals 6 feet sign with two others
    Jared Friedman

    Truist, Charlotte, NC

    Heavener Peer Advisors are tasked with the unique role of advising first-year business students on class advice, involvement opportunities, and will map a four-year academic plan to ensure a timely graduation. The program gave me a chance to give back to my community at UF by giving first-hand guidance on how to properly tackle college.

  • Lauren Goldberg at a pumpkin patch
    Lauren Goldberg

    Singer M. Tucker, New York, NY

    An experience that has been integral to my personal and professional growth throughout my four years at UF was my involvement with the Leadership Development Program. I was granted a wealth of knowledge from my upperclassmen mentors that prepared me to excel in both academic and professional settings. As an upperclassman, becoming a Leadership Ambassador allowed me to pass along the guidance I had gained from my mentors and my own experiences to the classes below me. This program taught me early on just how valuable a well-built network can be and played a key role in fostering not only professional relationships, but personal as well.

  • Ashely Isom graduation photo
    Ashley Isom

    Global Atlantic Financial Group, New York, NY

    The hands-on nature of the MSF coursework and dedication from instructors prepared me far greater than I could have expected for my junior summer internship. From incorporating the usage of Bloomberg terminals and live data into many projects, to learning how to build advanced models to evaluate recent mergers and acquisitions or popular investment opportunities, the exposure to tools and practices used in a professional setting has been incredible. I was able to hit the ground running during my summer internship and impress my managers with the knowledge and experience already gained through the MSF program, even amidst the virtual aspect. The senior year coursework only continued this trend, from Dr. Brown’s capstone course allowing us to manage a portfolio with a small team, to Dr. Brask’s course teaching us more detailed nuances of various investment techniques. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to take advantage of these resources and close mentorship from instructors, as they have provided an excellent foundation to begin my career in the asset management industry.

  • Alexandros Karnegis at Sweetwater park
    Alex Karnegis

    Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

    The MSF program provides many great opportunities that are made possible through the support of donors. I am grateful for the small class sizes, access to Bloomberg terminals, and wide selection of courses. These unique aspects of the program not only created a better educational experience, but also made me better equipped for my internship this past summer. Thank you to all the donors who made this experience possible.

  • Joseph Kersanac at sunrise
    Joseph Kersanac

    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

    The MSF program provided me a tremendous amount of opportunities, both professionally and personally. Upon acceptance into the program, I was eager to figure out the best way to give back to the MSF program. It became evident that mentoring students in the Exploring Financial Economics program was a great way to have an immediate impact on the MSF program. Even though I was in the EFE students’ position a couple of years prior, I felt that acting as a confidant on specific situations, providing antidotal experiences broadly, and assisting with interview prep, helped the EFE students through many of the questions and concerns that I once had. The best part of this mentorship were the relationships I built with these students, and I am looking forward to keeping these friendships many years down the road.

  • Connor Lovely at Yosemite
    Connor Lovely

    Boston Consulting Group, Miami

    The MSF program has provided me with many valuable experiences, such as being able to work in private equity my sophomore summer. This internship provided me with excellent financial and technical experience in a field that is extremely difficult to achieve placement without the connections and alumni resources offered by our program. During my recent internship with Boston Consulting Group, I never felt behind or less prepared than my fellow interns who often hailed from “more prestigious” schools. Given that BCG is a top 3 management consulting firm worldwide, they are highly selective and usually only target students from the top echelon of public and private universities. When I start full-time at BCG this summer, I will be surrounded by graduates from the best universities in America, and the world.

  • Aaron Mago hiking in Georgia
    Aaron Mago

    Truist, New York, NY

    When I reflect upon my time at the University of Florida, my involvement with MSF strongly stands out as a defining part of my development. Through MSF, I was given a strong foundation of financial knowledge and real experience to build my career around. Along with the amazing education and professional development, I am proud of the people I have met. I would not be where I am today professionally or personally without the professors, staff, and friends that I have gotten to know through the program.

  • James Maguire at Yosemite
    James Maguire

    Evercore Partners, New York, NY

    Coming to UF as an intimidated freshman during the Fall of 2017, the Gator Student-Run Investment Fund provided me with a community of like-minded, motivated individuals that pushed me beyond my comfort zone. From my time an analyst to my time as a portfolio manager, the learning opportunity never dissipated. It’s rare to find such an amazing organization that gives one the opportunity to follow, lead, and make an impact on those around them. GSIF defined my college experience and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Alexander Martin at a dance marathon for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
    Alex Martin

    Honeywell, TBD

    The MSF program provided me an excellent opportunity to learn the skills needed to thrive in the finance community. The program set me up for success in gaining employment post-graduation and making connections with outstanding individuals through its Finance Professional Speaker Series. I appreciate all MSF has given to me.

  • Emma McClane graduation photo
    Emma McClane

    RBC Sales & Trading, New York, NY

    Going into a remote Sales & Trading internship, I wasn’t sure what to expect. With everything surrounding the global pandemic happening at once and RBC having to rapidly adjust their 10-week summer internship program, I knew my experience would be different, and I was a little nervous with how I was going to be able to prove my capableness. I was quickly reassured once hitting the desk for my first rotation that I had a leg up from using a Bloomberg terminal in Dr. Takeda’s Special Topics course. Without the experience from her class, I don’t think I would have been as confident and comfortable trying to navigate Bloomberg remotely. On top of using Bloomberg, Dr. Takeda’s Special Topics course also assisted me in understanding the more complex concepts that were addressed on the Rates Sales desk. I felt prepared when concepts like yield curve, carry-trades and pricing bonds were brought up, because I had previous exposure through her class and other MSF courses. I heavily credit classes like Dr. Takeda’s as the reason I was able to stand out in my internship and receive a return offer, and I am very grateful for her and my other professors’ dedication to helping their students fully grasp difficult concepts.

  • Matthew McGarry travel photo with waterway
    Matthew McGarry

    Evercore, New York, NY

    The MSF program not only boasts an impressive curriculum but also promotes an extremely valuable culture wherein its members are truly part of the same team. Year after year, students in the program seem to choose collaboration over unhealthy competition, which makes the experience much more enjoyable. Older students are also routinely happy to mentor younger students or even applicants to the program. Through fostering this culture, Dr. Brown and Mrs. Herring have made an engine for the MSF program to rapidly progress year after year – it is really exciting to think about what it might look like 5 to 10 years from now.

  • Matthew Mousa outside
    Matthew Mousa

    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

    While most people looked at the COVID19 pandemic as a negative occurrence in our lives, I found that some positive things occurred despite the fact my classes were online. This includes discovering new hobbies and interests that I was not able to pursue while in traditional classes. I was able to focus more on my physical goals in the gym, read books that I couldn’t get to before, and try new activities like go-karting and skydiving. The online classes also provided me more time to connect with old friends and even new ones that I met through MSF. Overall, while adjusting to online classes was tough at the beginning, it allowed me to learn more about myself and who I wanted to be as I continue my career after UF.

  • Kyler Muruve Gator ice-hockey player
    Kyler Muruve

    Citi Sales & Trading, New York, NY

    Dr. Brown’s junior year course sequence covered fixed income and interest rate topics. Dr. Brown did an astounding job introducing new topics while continuing a deeper dive until mastery. The course material taught during this series led to the MSF students gaining an upper hand during their summer internships. While I was on the desk, the background knowledge acquired from Dr. Brown’s courses allowed easier understanding and communication about complex products within the rates sector. During this internship, we were tasked with pitching multiple trade ideas. I felt like the background gained from this course series made me more comfortable handling complex rates products. This gave me an advantage and allowed me to stand out compared to other interns during these pitches. I strongly attest a big portion of my return offer to Dr. Brown’s course sequence. Without it, I believe I would have struggled to stand out given limited knowledge of the topics prior to the courses.

  • Garrett Ort at a Florida fort
    Garrett Ort

    JPMorgan, Palm Beach, FL

    I served on the executive board of Student Investment Club for 4 semesters, including Technical Director and President, overseeing transformation of the club to bi-weekly educational sessions to supplement usual speaker series. They make PowerPoint presentations and participate in discussions to grow their financial knowledge, learn how markets operate and make investment decisions. Making this addition to the club was very important to me because I am a firm believer that everyone should have a general understanding of how to analyze the market and invest in the financial markets. The most profound moments were from students sharing the impact that the club had on their financial passion and confidence applying for jobs. One of the most memorable student interactions I had was when an architecture major told me that he had never had any exposure to finance or the stock market until attending our meetings, and once he started attending, he realized that he enjoyed finance more than architecture and switched his major to finance. Seeing that I could make a tangible impact on our members and help them grow their financial knowledge base was my favorite part of serving on the executive board of SIC.

  • Jonah Platovsky hiking in the mountains
    Jonah Platovsky

    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

    My time in the Gator Student Investment Fund was definitely the most helpful and important part of my college experience. The ability to learn complex finance topics and engage in meaningful work from as early as freshman year provided me a significant leg up in my academic and job recruiting experience. Additionally, older students were incredibly supportive and remain strong personal and professional connections. I am very appreciative of Dr. Brown and the GSIF Board of Directors for creating and maintaining this opportunity for UF students and am looking forward to seeing how the fund progresses in the coming years.

  • Rachel Ramm at a pumpkin patch
    Rachel Ramm

    Citi Private Bank, New York, NY

    Founders Fund gave me the opportunity to develop myself substantially both professionally and personally. Working alongside other students in my sector, I got a hands-on learning experience constructing and presenting a stock pitch to the rest of the Fund. It was a fantastic way to deepen my understanding of finance topics I had learned in my graduate coursework. In addition, I learned a lot about the economy, equity markets, and investing, and was surrounded with intelligent like-minded individuals to discuss these topics. I also enjoyed mentoring younger students in the Fund. I believe my experience in this organization helped me stand out in my internships to eventually get a full-time offer.

  • Jamie Schemmel at a computer
    Jamie Schemmel

    Citi Private Bank, New York, NY

    I joined Founders Fund during my sophomore spring semester. I was quickly immersed in a fast-paced environment with many intellectually curious and driven students. I joined the organization knowing very little about valuing a company, let alone actually pitching a company. With the help of mentors and executive members within the fund, I was able to dive straight into technical content and create in-depth analysis for companies within my sector while also gaining the experience of pitching original ideas to a large, professional group. I was able to learn quickly and enjoyed the work I was doing. I excelled in the organization and led my own sectors. From this experience, I was able to help the younger students while gaining expertise in certain areas. Looking back on the experience, I credit Founder’s Fund in combination with the MSF program with giving me the technical experience necessary to set myself apart from other students in the interviewing process.

  • Katherine Schramm graduation photo
    Katie Schramm

    Salesforces, Atlanta, GA

  • Reed Sherman graduation photo
    Reed Sherman

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Boca Raton, FL

  • Ronald Smith in the Florida stadium
    Ronnie Smith

    Stephens, Atlanta, GA

    Dr. Parrino’s Investment Banking and Corporate Financial Modeling course was extremely helpful preparing for my junior summer internship in Houlihan Lokey’s investment banking division. I was certainly better prepared for many of the assignments than my internship peers. The course assignments, especially the final project in which we pitched an M&A transaction, directly mirrored the work that I did on the job.

  • Giancarlo Tassi road biking
    Giancarlo Tassi

    Boston Consulting Group, Miami, FL

    Having the opportunity to receive an internship and a full-time position with BCG is truly remarkable. This was made clear to me by seeing the lack of representation from state schools in my summer intern class, as most students came from well-regarded private universities such as Harvard, UPenn, MIT, and Georgetown.

  • Michael Weissman snow skiing
    Michael Weissman

    Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

    Family has always been important for me, and because my father works in the finance industry, I was motivated to pursue a similar career path. Initially, I was uncertain about where I wanted to work or more specifically what I wanted to do and as a result I applied to different internships hoping to gain insight. Experience is the best guide to understanding what you enjoy both in and outside of the workplace. Through my past internships in both an accounting firm and a wealth management firm, I better understood the type of work and number of hours which I am most comfortable. From here, I made the determination that I would enjoy working longer hours right out of college to accumulate knowledge and experience which fits the Investment Banking career path. I gained exposure to the Investment Banking track through the MSF program’s coursework and speaker series which inspired me to apply for an Investment Banking internship at Wells Fargo. I now have a full time offer as an Investment Banking Analyst in Charlotte with Wells Fargo in part due to the information and understanding of the job I gained in the MSF program.

  • Emma Whitner UF of the diving team holds an SEC medal
    Emma Whitner

    Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte, NC

    The MSF Program has been a focal point of my time at the University of Florida. In addition to being a student-athlete, I am grateful to have been a part of a niche group of individuals with a strong academic focus and interest in financial careers. The program was instrumental in my career placement and helped facilitate a smooth transition from sports to a professional career.

100% of MSF Class of 2022 accepted summer 2021 internships
Class of 2022 Junior Summer Internships
  • Daniel Abood
    Daniel Abood

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Gartner, Ft. Myers, FL

  • Sean-Paul Adams
    Sean-Paul Adams

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Truist, Atlanta, GA

  • No photo
    Carl (CJ) Baab


  • Ryan Bell
    Ryan Bell

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Deutsche Bank, Jacksonville, FL

  • Dhruvi Contractor
    Dhruvi Contractor

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    JPMorgan, Atlanta, GA

  • Michael Ennis
    Michael Ennis

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    JLL Capital Markets, Miami, FL

  • Alexa Entringer
    Alexa Entringer

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Honeywell, TBD

  • Tatiana Fabian
    Tatiana Fabian

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

  • Michael Fruit
    Michael Fruit

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Truist, Atlanta, GA

  • Nicholas Garas
    Nicholas Garas

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

  • Chad Girnun
    Chad Girnun

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Bain, Atlanta, GA

  • Uri Goldenberg
    Uri Goldenberg


  • Makayla Ho
    Makayla Ho

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Evercore, New York, NY

  • Gaston Jara
    Gaston Jara

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Piper Sandler, Minneapolis

  • Jonathan Kang
    Jonathan Kang

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Evercore, New York, NY

  • Vinayak Kawatra
    Vinayak Kawatra

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

  • Christian Kechriotis
    Christian Kechriotis

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Ernst and Young Consulting, New York, NY

  • Amelia Levitt
    Amelia Levitt

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Citi Private Bank, New York, NY

  • Johnathan McCary
    Johnathan McCary

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Raymond James, TBD

  • Charles (Wade) McCrea
    Charles (Wade) McCrea

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    KBW, San Francisco, CA

  • Haryshwa Murugappan
    Haryshwa Murugappan

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Wells Fargo Securities, New York, NY

  • Aidan Muruve
    Aidan Muruve

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Gartner, Ft. Myers, FL

  • Samuel Nunner
    Samuel Nunner

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Truist, Atlanta, GA

  • Kishan Patel
    Kishan Patel

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Raymond James, TBD

  • Katherine Puccio
    Katherine Puccio

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    BCG, Denver, CO

  • Patrick Schreiber
    Patrick Schreiber

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Macquarie Capital, New York, NY

  • Max Seltzer
    Max Seltzer

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Stifel, New York, NY

  • Ronen Singer
    Ronen Singer


  • Jade Starkey
    Jade Starkey

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    AGW Capital, Tampa, FL

  • Daniel Sweeney
    Daniel Sweeney

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Guggenheim, New York, NY

  • Coleman Tadrowski
    Coleman Tadrowski

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Honeywell, TBD

  • William Tompkins
    William Tompkins

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Securis, remote with London office

  • Austin Vetter
    Austin Vetter

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Stephens, Atlanta, GA

  • Agustina Vincent de Urquiza
    Agustina Vincent de Urquiza

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Goldman Sachs, San Francisco, CA

  • Paul Whytal
    Paul Whytal

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    Credit Suisse, New York, NY

  • Sally Yang
    Sally Yang

    Accepted for summer 2021:
    RBC Capital Markets, New York, NY

  • Mingyin Zhu
    Mingyin Zhu

    Placement accepted:
    River Road Asset Management, Louisville, KY

Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our outstanding students who received these scholarships last year.

Jeffery M. Levine Banking Scholarship:

Matthew McGarry
Matthew McGarry
Jonah Platovsky
Jonah Platovsky

Betty W. Penter Memorial Scholarship:

Ashley Isom
Ashley Isom
Jamie Schemmel
Jamie Schemmel

William R. Hough Scholarship:

James McGuire
James McGuire

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