William R. Hough Master of Science in Finance 2020-21

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About the Master of Science in Finance program

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program started in 2001 and has evolved to primarily a combination degree program for students from various University of Florida undergraduate degree programs wanting to complete both their undergraduate degree and a Master of Science in Finance degree within four years.

UF undergraduate students apply during their second year on campus and begin MSF courses in their third year. Students take graduate-level finance courses alongside MBA and other finance students, in lieu of some undergraduate degree courses. Students intern the summer after their third year with the firm they plan to return to full time after graduation. Most MSF students come from undergraduate finance, accounting, economics and mathematics programs.

The MSF program also serves students who want access to Ph.D. courses or a joint degree from the UF Levin College of Law.

From the Director's Desk

I hope that this report finds you well. My heartfelt thanks for your support of the MSF Program.

The 2020-2021 academic year was challenging for students and faculty. Classes and the Finance Professional Speaker Series were conducted via Zoom. While not ideal, students, faculty and alumni made the best of the situation.

We are very excited to resume in person classes and be able to interact in person in the Fall semester. We are also very excited to have the MSF Program Class of 2023 begin their MSF course work this Fall as the largest class in MSF Program history. Almost 60 juniors, about twice the historical class size, will start the program in the Fall.

Admissions standards have not changed. This is a talented, motivated and mature cohort.


David Brown
Director, Master of Science in Finance program

David Brown, Director, Master of Science in Finance program

MSF Stands Out Among Peers

No. 4
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QS 2021 Master's in Finance rankings

Class Overview

The MSF program continues to grow the quality and diversity of its students.

Class ofSizeAverage SATAverage GPADiversity

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Investing in Impact

The Gator Student Investment Fund is a student-managed investment fund that gives members a realistic asset management experience. It helps students stand out as valuable interns and make an immediate impact in their full-time positions after graduation.

Three GSIF students give a presentation

GSIF tops $1 million under management

The Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF) reached $1 million under management in February.

The fund also gives annual donations to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program, which assists historically low-income, first-generation college students in meeting their college costs.

In early 2021, GSIF distributed $18,000 to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program. In early 2022, the fund projects distributing $31,300 to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Program.

GSIF donation benefits MFOS

The Gator Student Investment Fund (GSIF) provides members with a realistic asset management experience, but it also makes annual donations to the Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars (MFOS) Program.

For some students in GSIF who are also part of the MFOS program, this creates a meaningful opportunity.

“It definitely means a lot to me, knowing that UF and MSF care about the first-generation students, promote diversity and inclusion and encourage higher education,” said Sally Yang, a recipient of the Canakaris Scholarship. “Being a first-generation student, the MFOS scholarship program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me. Because of MFOS, I was given the opportunity to learn about the MSF program, focus on my academic and extracurriculars, and graduate from UF debt free.”

While a member in GSIF, Yang (BSBA ’21, MSF ’22) was a consumer sector analyst. She put together pitches and collaborated with other members to complete research, discounted cash flow models and present in front of the portfolio managers for holding reviews and pitching rounds. From an eight-week training portion to the consistent research process, Yang took many tangible skills away from GSIF that will help her in the future.

“While I was in GSIF, I was constantly surrounded by intelligent people who are also passionate about the finance industry,” Yang said. “People in GSIF are also in different career tracks such as investment banking, asset management and consulting. I was able to gain some insights for various career paths through conversations with GSIF members and was motivated to learn as much as possible.”

Yang is currently interning with RBC Capital Markets in its Sales and Trading division.

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A foundation for success

The MSF Program eases the transition for students through the Exploring Financial Economics (EFE) program, now joined by Stephanie Fajre, which provides students with the baseline information they need early in their time on campus and prepares them to stand out in the finance industry.

Student working in the Capital Markets Lab

EFE enhancements

EFE for first- and second-year students was enhanced with these sessions taught by MSF students:

  • Overview of Financial Services Industry
  • How to Follow Markets
  • Day to Day Responsibilities of Interns
  • Conducting a DCF Analysis
  • Pitching a Stock from Start to Finish

EFE Sophomore Summer 2020 Series

Thank you to alumni that participated in the EFE Sophomore Summer 2020 Series:

  • Nick Alter
  • Jon Bennett
  • Sonia Chen
  • Avi Dahan
  • Joseph Hafling
  • Tansel Ismail
  • Yasin Ismail
  • Marlo Mulhall
  • Brent Penter
  • Tyler Prebor
  • Cara Rawe
  • Jocelyn Richardson
  • Arley Ruskin
  • Kendall Ruskin
  • Matthew Schwarz

Incoming MSF Class of 2023

Students worked in outstanding sophomore summer opportunities.

  • Adams Street Partners, NYC
  • Landeavor, Tampa
  • Federal Reserve Bank, NYC (2)
  • Bank of America, Charlotte
  • Koss Olinger, Gainesville
  • Bessemer Client/Wealth Advisory, Miami
  • KPMG, Atlanta
  • Bluprint Capital, Palm Beach
  • Capco, St. Petersburg FL (2)
  • LCG Advisors, Tampa
  • Carbonxt, Gainesville
  • Lightning Partners, Orlando (2)
  • Cornerstone Home Lending, San Antonio
  • Miami to Columbus Capital Lending, Miami
  • CROM, Gainesville
  • NextEra Energy, Juno Beach
  • Crowley Maritime, Jacksonville
  • NeXtGen Biologics, Gainesville
  • CSC Properties, Tampa
  • Northrim Bank, Anchorage
  • Drew Capital, Tampa
  • Northrop Grumman, Melbourne FL
  • Exit Experts, Miami (2)
  • Prudential, Newark
  • Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, with Girls Who Invest, Chicago
  • RBC, NYC
  • Hawkeye Capital, Miami
  • Slate Path Capital, NYC
  • HPS Investment Partners, NYC
  • Trade PMR, Gainesville
  • Intuitive, Atlanta
  • Warren Equity Partners, Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • J.P. Morgan Chase, Dallas
  • Wells Fargo Securities, Charlotte
  • Morgan Stanley, Pensacola
  • Aveanna Healthcare, Atlanta

Connecting students to consulting opportunities

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, small business around the world were struggling. Rem and Company decided to fill that gap by connecting students from many universities, including the University of Florida, to consulting roles that could keep those businesses afloat during the challenging times.

Today, Rem at UF consists of 30 students working with five different clients in the Gainesville community.

Connor Lovely (BSBA ’20, MSF ’21) first found out about Rem when a fellow MSF alumnus reached out to him about joining. Lovely was encouraged to start and lead the UF chapter of Rem on Campus because of his experience in the consulting industry.

Lovely will start his career as an Associate at Boston Consulting Group’s Miami office in August 2021, and Rem provided important learning opportunities before starting his career.

“I learned a lot from having to source some clients, as I was essentially acting as a partner at a consulting firm would by managing multiple client teams and relationships,” Lovely said. “Rem was a great experience for me as it allowed me to further develop my leadership skills while having an amazing impact on small businesses and nonprofits in the Gainesville community.”

Sydney Watson (BSBA ’22, MSF ’23) was introduced to the group while trying to find the best way to maximize her summer. Her summer soon became consumed by working with Rem, first as an Analyst before being promoted to a Strategist.

“Their analyst program provided the education needed to feel confident as a student consultant when the time came for me to become a strategist and join a client team,” Watson said. “The program consisted of conducting best practice research, developing business pieces that could be resources for small businesses, and participating in mock client interactions. Overall, the analyst program delivered in a multitude of ways to develop the transferable skills necessary to serve our clients and the community.”

Kosha Patel (BSBA, MSF ’23) found Rem at UF while searching for ways to aid the Gainesville community. Patel joined Rem as an analyst, writing key best practice pieces for small businesses before becoming a strategist with small business clients.

The experience served as an important opportunity as Patel continues as a student at Warrington.

“Rem provided us with numerous avenues for us to develop skills as a student consultant as we were working hands on to provide marketing, user experience and strategic recommendations to small businesses,” Patel said.

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Together as one

MSF alumni play an integral role in the program long after they’ve graduated. Alumni return to campus to speak with students and share their resources to ensure that future MSF students are ready to stand out in their careers.

Speakers address students in a classroom

This year had the largest volume of MSF Alumni donors and the greatest number of first-time donors.


  • Robert J. & Deana M. Cousin
  • M. Ann O’Brien
$25,000 - $49,999

  • Alan S. & Barbara A. Pareira
$10,000 - $24,999

  • Robert O. & Mary Fabrize
  • Saul D. Goodman & Nathalie Rubens
  • Jeffrey S. & Julia A. Rawson
  • Charles W. & Sylvia E. Uhrig
$5,000 - $9,999

  • Daniel L. & Lindsay R. Beiley
  • Russell W. & Jean Z. Carpenter
  • Sean D. & Amy H. Casterline
  • Marta Z. & Michael D. Cotton
  • Aindrea K. Davis-Mesa* & Michael J. Mesa
  • Kyle J. Deasy*
  • Steven M. & Natalie E. Raney
  • Laurence R. Smith & Margaret Saba-Smith
$2,000 - $4,999

  • W. Bryan* & Erin G. Adams
  • Steven B.* & Kimberly B. DeRose
  • Roy R. & Gayle S. Dickson
  • Thomas H.* & Emily K. Ganey
  • Alexander A. Heshmaty*
$500 - $1,999

  • Andrew Amend*
  • Bradley J. Andersen*
  • Michael J.* & Lauren B. Andreas
  • Brennan A.* & Emily E. Bubp
  • Andrew N. Cappello, Jr.*
  • David I. Deckman*
  • Andrew S. Devenbeck*
  • Desi A. DiPierro*
  • Michael D. Farrell*
  • Carleena G. Fiorenza*
  • Francisco J. Fornell*
  • Peter L.* & Catherine T. Gylfe
  • Tansel S. Ismail*
  • Joseph E. Jurbala*
  • Dillon L. Knox*
  • David LaBarge*
  • Matthew Levin*
  • Chandler R. Luger*
  • Joseph D. Mark* & Andrea A. Vargas-Mark
  • Dennis M. McCarthy*
  • Kevin A. Mesmer*
  • Daniel E. Milstein*
  • James G. Moorman
  • Christopher A.* & Justine M. Noth
  • Sami S. Qubain*
  • Sean M.* & Samantha L. Riley
  • Kendall S. Ruskin*
  • Mark J. Ruskin*
  • Matthew J. Steffes
  • Brenden M. Vickers*
  • Haiyan Wu* & Zhiwen Tang
  • Peter A. Zdebski*
  • Daniel A. Zemach*
$1 - $499

  • Arif H. Ahmed
  • Nicholas A. Alter*
  • Camden R. Anderson*
  • Dominique N. Angione*
  • Suraj S. Aulakh*
  • Grace L. Baecher*
  • Ashley V. Baros-Kabler*
  • Joshua A. Berry*
  • Briana Bloss
  • Adrian G. Figueroa*
  • Matthew Glover*
  • Ronald S. Heinkel II*
  • Michael K. Herman*
  • Casey B. Irish*
  • Daniel J. Mancini*
  • Alyssa A. Marov*
  • Jeffrey S. Masse*
  • Anthony R. Meehan III*
  • David A. Pinsky*
  • Daniel B. Romm*
  • Jesse I. Rosenblum*
  • Scout L. Royce*
  • Arley J. Ruskin*
  • Daniel S.* & Laura G. Sanborn
  • Adam M.* & Emily D. Schiff*
  • Nicholas J. Sorenson*
  • Michael T. Stalder*
  • Marie Thomas*
  • Matthew F.* & Andrea C. Tomey
  • Terrance Zhang*
  • Mitchell J. Zitsbank*

*MSF Alumni

Corporate Support

  • Bloomberg L.P.

Annual Panel Discussion

The Annual Panel Discussion, sponsored by BB&T Foundations of Free Enterprise: Capitalism and Capital Markets, was hosted on April 23. The discussion was titled ‘Will Bankruptcy Benefit or Bury Beautiful Borikén’ and included Marc J. Heimowitz – Founder & Managing Member, Coda Advisory Group, and Douglas J. Holtz-Eakin – President, American Action Forum.

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Leaders of the pack

From their very first day in the MSF program, students are rigorously trained with their future in mind. They benefit from real-world experiences and immersive coursework to ensure they are ready for the finance industry.

Six graduating students in their caps and gowns
100% of placement-seeking seniors accepted full-time analysts positions before graduation
100% of MSF Class of 2022 accepted summer 2021 internships

Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our outstanding students who received these scholarships last year.

Jeffery M. Levine Banking Scholarship:

Matthew McGarry
Matthew McGarry
Jonah Platovsky
Jonah Platovsky

Betty W. Penter Memorial Scholarship:

Ashley Isom
Ashley Isom
Jamie Schemmel
Jamie Schemmel

William R. Hough Scholarship:

James McGuire
James McGuire

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