Heavener Leaders Sequence

Heavener Leaders Sequence Graphic

Be a Step Ahead

In the Heavener School of Business we strive to develop students who are prepared to build exceptional careers and lead lives of purpose. The Heavener Leaders Sequence is made up of the following courses:

  • Warrington Welcome
  • Heavener Career Accelerator
  • Heavener Leadership Launch
  • Internship Course and/or Study Abroad

Through this sequence, we help students build a network of peers and professionals, a diverse skillset, and who are confident and feel prepared as they step into their careers or graduate studies.

Outcomes Summary: What’s in it for you?

  • Stand out to Recruiters: Receive higher salary job offers sooner
  • Day 1 Ready: Enter your first day on the job confidently prepared
  • Experiential Learning: Learn with face-to-face attention, as all Heavener Leaders Experience courses are never virtual

1. Introduction to Business (Warrington Welcome) – GEB2015

This one-credit course for first-year business majors, will guide students to answer this question by:

  • transition to the Heavener School of Business and University of Florida by introducing them to the four pillars of Heavener:
    • academics
    • career success
    • leadership
    • international studies
  • providing a foundation for their academic and personal growth.
  • providing relationship building and networking opportunities with their peers, student leaders, and staff members.
  • helping them build foundational skills in teamwork, career management, and critical thinking.

2. Heavener Career Accelerator (previously known as Career Success) – GEB4930

By taking an “interactive” approach to career success during each class, this new course puts into action the following skills:

  • Understanding the components of a career assessment tool and how
    they relate to you and your future career
  • Identifying functional careers in business based upon the major you
    ultimately choose to achieve
  • Learn Resume 2.0, Nailing the interview, Elevator Pitch, Effective LinkedIn Profile
  • Learn the skills and abilities of becoming an effective networker, both
    online and in-person
  • Understanding the Academic Recruiting Cycle and the important of
    starting early
  • Development of an internship search marketing plan

3. Heavener Leadership Launch (previously known as Emergent Leadership) – MAN4930

The Emergent Leadership course will give students the tools to understand leadership, why it matters, and how they can become an emergent leader in ways that really matter, at UF and beyond into their careers.

The course focuses on:

  • leadership styles
  • emotional intelligence
  • influence
  • leading teams
  • ethics
  • inclusive leadership
  • authenticity
  • case competition hosted by Proctor & Gamble
Internship Course – GEB4941

All business majors (except BSBA Online) must complete an internship or study abroad in order to graduate. Ideally this would be done prior to senior year.


Study Abroad

International studies serve to enhance not only the students’ professional experiences, but their personal ones as well.

Heavener students have the option of studying abroad on a UF program or on an international exchange.