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Heavener Leaders Sequence
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Heavener Leaders Sequence

Be a Step Ahead.

When students graduate from the Heavener School of Business, we hope they will be confident, feel prepared for their career or graduate studies, have a network of peers and professionals, and possess a diverse skillset. Introduction to Business, also known as Warrington Welcome, is the foundational course in the Heavener Leadership Sequence. After students take Warrington Welcome, students are encouraged to take Career Success, a two-credit course which builds on Warrington Welcome’s self-exploration to guide to create deliverables that will be necessary to apply to internships and jobs, and Emergent Leadership, a two-credit course which helps students understand how to lead with confidence. As a Business Gator, students are required to participate in an experiential learning opportunity, either through an internship and corresponding internship course or by studying abroad, in which students can practice using the skills that they have developed in their introductory course work and cocurricular activities.

Outcomes Summary: What’s in it for you?

  • Stand out to Recruiters: Receive higher salary job offers sooner
  • Day 1 Ready: Enter your first day on the job confidently prepared
  • Experiential Learning: Learn with face-to-face attention, as all Heavener Leaders Experience courses are never virtual

1. Introduction to Business (Warrington Welcome) – GEB2015

Introduction to Business, or Warrington Welcome, answers the question: How can students best use their experience in the Heavener School of Business to prepare them for academic and professional success?

This one-credit course for first-year business majors, will guide students to answer this question by:

  • facilitating their transition to the Heavener School of Business and University of Florida by introducing them to the four pillars of Heavener: academics, career success, leadership, and international studies.
  • providing a foundation for their academic and personal growth.
  • providing relationship building and networking opportunities with their peers, student leaders, and staff members.
  • helping them build foundational skills in teamwork, career management, and critical thinking.

2. Career Success – GEB4930

Administered by Business Career Services staff, assisted by CAP Mentors, and complimented by company presentations, the Career Success class is designed to help first- and second-year students narrow the scope of their career exploration, with the ultimate goal of helping them secure an internship and ultimately, a full-time job prior to their graduation from the Warrington College of Business. By taking an “interactive” approach to career success during each class, this new course puts into action the skills they’ve been taught throughout the semester.

3. Emergent Leadership – MAN4930

The Emergent Leadership course will give students the tools to understand leadership, why it matters, and how they can become an emergent leader in ways that really matter, at UF and beyond into their careers. The course focuses on leadership styles, emotional intelligence, influence, leading teams, ethics, inclusive leadership and authenticity. Proctor and Gamble hosts a case competition for student in this course where students gain deeper leadership skills and in-depth interaction with corporate executives.

Internship Course – GEB4941

All business majors (except BSBA Online) must complete an internship or study abroad in order to graduate. Ideally this would be done prior to senior year. GEB 4941 is offered summer, fall, and spring. All students must enroll in GEB 4941 while on-site completing their internship; internship credit will not be awarded retroactively after a student completes their internship.


Study Abroad

In the Heavener School of Business, we strongly encourage and support our students’ efforts to study abroad. International studies serve to enhance not only the students’ professional experiences, but their personal ones as well. In conjunction with the University of Florida International Center (UFIC), Heavener works closely with students, aiding them throughout their planning process and upon their return.

Heavener students have the option of studying abroad on a UF program or on an international exchange.