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Identity – UF Warrington

This is a guide meant as a supplement to the University’s branding style guide. Warrington’s identity is crafted to live within those brand tones and elements, but more specifically address our audience, mission, and unique character.

Brand Strategy is the foundation for effective communication. It shapes our message and sets the basis for all creative efforts. It is important all communication adheres to our new guidelines for both internal and external initiatives.

Use these resources and the Marketing & Communication Services team when developing your story, news items, promotion materials or advertisements, and any communication that relates back to Warrington faculty, students, staff, and campus.

The goal is to create consistency in identifying the College and its parts, while preserving the University culture. Your participation and cooperation is appreciated in supporting this goal.


The rationale is a mission statement that defines the College and its people. It provides the tonal framework for the messaging direction and inspiration to those affiliated with the College.

We earned our way to the top. We outperform because we outprepare and are bred on real-world achievement. We run the gauntlet, face an education by fire, come out ahead and hit the ground running. This momentum carries us into top placements—from graduates to CEOs to benefactors. Because we know the true value of success comes from helping each other succeed. And the true measure of legacy is working for a world bigger than ourselves.


If you have any questions or need further information, please contact JC Marvin, Director of Marketing & Communication Services.

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