Taking Courses at Other Institutions
as a Transient Student

Except for studying abroad, business majors are strongly encouraged to complete their course work at the University of Florida.

General Rules & Guidelines

  • The following courses MUST be taken at UF (unless taken via study abroad): core business, major area of specialization, restricted elective, and 3000-4000 level minor courses offered by the College.
  • The Heavener School of Business prohibits students from taking classes at UF and another educational institution during the same semester. You can, however, enroll at a community or state college (other than Santa Fe College) while taking UF business courses online via our distance learning option.
  • Grades earned at other institutions will NOT factor in to your UF GPA (except for those from international exchange schools); however, grades earned in tracking courses at other institutions WILL factor in to your Universal Tracking GPA.
  • Only courses from UF or another state of Florida public university will count toward UF's nine hour summer requirement.
  • It is your responsibility to ask all other schools that you attend to send your official transcript to the UF Registrar's Office.
  • Do not break residency by attending another school during your final 30 credit hours at UF.
  • Out-of-state and international courses require approved course equivalencies.
  • Before taking a non-UF course for a minor, certificate, or another UF degree program, verify that the sponsoring department will accept non-UF course work.

Taking Courses at any Community College, State College, or Public University in the State of Florida

  1. Identify the course(s) you want to take and the institution you will attend. If you plan to take a Universal Tracking course at a community college, state college, or public university in the State of Florida, view the list of approved course equivalencies and links to these schools.
  2. Look on the transient institution's website to determine a) the application process for transient (or non-degree seeking) students, b) the beginning and end dates of the semester you plan to attend, and c) course availability.
  3. If you are requesting to take ACG2021(Financial Accounting) and ACG2071 (Managerial Accounting) at an institution (example: during Summer A and Summer B), respectively, be aware that ACG2021 is a prerequisite for ACG2071 and must be completed before beginning ACG2071. It is your responsibility to check with the host institution as to whether or not it is possible to take both courses in the same term if the end date for ACG2021 overlaps with the start date of ACG2071. Please check with the institution before applying.
  4. If applicable, apply to the institution you plan to attend as a non-degree/transient student.
  5. Go to FloridaShines and complete an online Transient Student Admissions Application. For step-by-step instructions on using FloridaShines please review this PowerPoint presentation. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR UFID IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF THE TRANSIENT STUDENT APPLICATION.
  6. After submitting your request, the transient application will be automatically routed to a School of Business advisor. If approved, your form will automatically be sent to the UF Registrar, and then on to the other school. You can check the status of your request on the FloridaShines website at each stage of the approval process, or receive email notification by providing a valid address on your online form.


  7. When the grade(s) you earned are posted, submit a transcript request to the other institution. Transcripts should be sent to the following address:

    University of Florida
    Transfer Credit Evaluation
    PO Box 114000
    Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Taking Courses at Private or Out-of-State Institutions

  • If you want to take a Universal Tracking course at a private or out-of-state institution, you should first determine whether the specific course at that institution has been approved as equivalent to the UF course by checking the course equivalency database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a course at another school, like a Florida community or state college or university? If so, what kinds of courses can I take?

You can take universal tracking, general education, and free elective courses at another university or community/state college in Florida, but you cannot take core, major, area of specialization, or restricted elective courses at another school unless they are pre-approved study abroad courses.

The grades you earn at other institutions will appear on your UF transcript, but they will NOT factor in to your UF GPA (excluding study abroad exchange credits); however, grades earned in tracking courses taken at other institutions WILL be used to calculate your tracking GPA. Reminder: You should not take courses at another school if you are in the process of completing your last 30 credit hours (see "Residence Requirement" FAQ above), unless you are studying abroad.

How do I enroll at another Florida university or community or state college?

To enroll as a transient student at another institution you must 1) submit an enrollment application to the host institution requesting admission as a transient student and pay a nominal application fee (refer to the school's website for instructions), 2) submit an online transient form which will be automatically forwarded for approval to any public school in Florida; 3) register yourself for courses, and 4) ask the school you attend to send your transcript to UF. Refer to our page on taking courses at other schools for more detailed instructions.

Can I enroll at a community or state college and the University of Florida during the same term?

The Heavener School of Business prohibits students from taking classes at UF and another educational institution during the same semester. You can, however, enroll at a community or state college (other than Santa Fe College) while taking UF business courses online via our distance learning option.

How do I transfer the credit I earned at another institution?

To earn credit for courses you took at another institution, you must submit a transcript request to that institution asking them to send your transcript to UF. Electronic transcripts are preferred, but you can also submit an official, unopened hard copy transcript to the Registrar's Office. Reminder: If you take courses at another institution, state law requires you to provide UF with a transcript. Failure to do so can result in the rescinding of your degree.

What if I want to take business tracking courses at an out-of-state or private school, or if I want to take tracking or other business core or major courses while I'm studying abroad?

If you want to take a tracking course from an out-of-state or private school, or if you want to take tracking, core, major, or area of specialization courses from an international school, you must determine if the course you wish to take is equivalent to the UF course. First, see if there is an established course equivalency on file by looking up the school you plan to attend on our course equivalency database. If the course does not appear in the database, or if it does but the equivalency has expired, you must submit the appropriate course equivalency form and allied materials to 333 Heavener Hall. If the course is deemed equivalent by its corresponding UF department, it will count toward your degrees.

Do I need to establish a course equivalency for a general education course taken out-of-state, at a private school, or through study abroad?

No. The Heavener School of Business does not require equivalencies for general education courses, but be sure to keep your syllabus in case there is any question as to whether the course qualifies as a composition, humanities, biological or physical science, international, or diversity course. If you wish to take courses at an out-of-state or private school, you must complete a hard copy transient form and then follow the host institution's guidelines for transient students. To earn course credit, you must ask the host school to forward your official transcript to UF.

Can I take a course away from UF as a transient or non-degree seeking student and be enrolled in the Internship Course, GEB 4941 during the same semester?

GEB 4941 Internship Credit & Transient Coursework: Although it is not permitted for students to dual enroll at UF and a non-UF institution at the same time (i.e., enrolling in any UF course while simultaneously enrolling at a community or state college), there is one exception. Students can take GEB 4941 internship credit concurrently while enrolling at a non-UF institution.

  • Example: Mark can enroll in GEB 4941 (1-4 credits) AND take ACG2021 at Brevard Community college at the same time.


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