Student Support at the Technology Assistance Center

Located in Heavener Hall 206 on the weekdays and Hough 237 on the weekends, our service provides the computer support that Warrington College of Business students need to access class websites, video lectures, and other technology-based resources.

TAC Staff

  • Keelyn Fife
    Keelyn Fife
  • Naomi Fils
    Naomi Fils
  • Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray
  • Jaime Holland
    Jaime Holland
  • Marley Johnson
    Marley Johnson
  • Barry Kent
    Barry Kent
  • Selina Lin
    Selina Lin
  • John McGraw
    John McGraw
  • Lauren Zhu
    Lauren Zhu


  • Jeremy Burks
    Jeremy Burks
  • Danny Drost
    Danny Drost


All students must review and adhere to UF’s Acceptable Use Policy and Computing Standards.

Warrington College of Business students must own a computer that meets minimum UF computing requirements and additional system requirements established by the College.

Warrington Laptop Computer Requirements
  • Processor: Current generation Intel Core Series (i5, i7, i9) or AMD Ryzen equivalent
  • Memory: 8GB RAM, (16GB is preferred)
  • Storage: 256GB hard drive
  • Camera, microphone and speakers
  • Wireless internet (WiFi)
  • Windows 10 or Mac OS X 12 (Monterey) or newer
  • All computers are required to have antivirus software to access the UF Wireless Network. For full UF requirements, go to Eduroam@UF Wireless Onboarding.

Additional recommendations include:

  • Purchasing an extended warranty or accidental damage protection.
  • Not relying on a tablet, smartphone or Chromebook as a primary device.

If you have a corporate-owned laptop, have your IT department verify you can make changes required by UFIT. You will need administrator rights to install software. If you do not have these rights, we cannot help you.

Supported software specs:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 and 11: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP are not fully compatible with our network and therefore are not supported (network access and printing issues).
    • Our technicians cannot support foreign language editions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Mac OS Monterey and Ventura, (macOS 12 & 13): Although older operating systems may work, they also may not be compatible with some programs or the VPN.
  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be downloaded per the UF Student agreement with Microsoft.
  • Current version of Edge, Firefox or Chrome (freely available).
  • Sun Microsystems’ Java (freely available).
  • Approved antivirus software.

Our technicians do not support foreign language editions of Microsoft Office. The TAC can show you how to use UF Apps for virtualized applications.


If you choose to explore other purchasing options, please pay careful attention to the Warrington computer requirements. Look for comparable features that are included in the Warrington laptops, such as the extended warranty, plus all required software and hardware.

The University of Florida maintains educational pricing agreements with Dell, Lenovo and Apple.

Online BSBA students may contact the TAC for help with software and/or hardware problems. All other undergraduate students should contact the UF Computing Help Desk. All undergraduate students may get help with video lectures by filling out the online problem report form.

Video Lectures
Using the Mediasite platform, the College is able to produce high-quality video and content streams. This unique service allows viewers to see the presenter and his or her computer content simultaneously. It’s features make it ideal for online lectures or visual-heavy presentations.

Those features include Thumbnail slide indexing, Searchability, and Multi-speed playback.

Test Video:

Please contact the TAC for assistance with software, hardware configuration, user accounts, Internet and network access.

Video Lectures
Due to current incompatibility with iTunes and UF security protocol all video lectures will be downloaded with the UF VPN client connected and accessing the Video file share. The instructions for installing the UF VPN and path for the Video file share are listed below. Please contact the TAC for assistance using these instructions:

Student Printing Resources
All Warrington College of Business graduate students are granted access to the study area laser printers (color and black/white). Charges for printing will be applied to each student’s UF financial account. Please read the Printing Services Overview for more details. Students who have difficulty printing to the study area printers should contact the TAC for assistance.

The College has designated study/work areas for graduate students: Hough Hall 230 and 330 for MBA students, the Heavener hall common areas and study rooms for all non-MBA masters students, and Gerson 114 for Accounting students.

Each room has wireless internet access and high-quality laser printers.

Access to all study areas is via your GatorOne card. Students whose GatorOne cards will not open these doors should contact the TAC for assistance.

Here are some links to Canvas E-learning tips and troubleshooting:

E-Learning Quick Start Guide

E-Learning FAQ’s

E-Learning Resources


  • 1st & 2nd: closed, New Year’s Day
  • 16th: closed, Martin Luther King


  • 11th – 12th: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 4th – 5th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 13th – 17th: 8am to 6pm, Spring Break
  • 18th – 19th: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 8th – 9th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 29th – 30th: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 8th – 12th: 8am to 6pm, Summer Break
  • 20th – 21st: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 27th – 28th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 29th: closed, Memorial Day


  • 10th – 11th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 17th – 18th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 26th – 30th: 8am to 6pm, no classes, Summer B Break


  • 1st – 2nd: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 4th: closed, Independence Day
  • 22nd – 23rd: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 12th – 13th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 14th – 18th: 8am to 6pm, no classes, Summer/Fall Break


  • 2nd – 3rd: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 4th: closed, Labor Day
  • 16th – 17th: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 6th: closed, Homecoming (TBD)
  • 14th – 15th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 21st – 22nd: 8am to 6pm, no classes


  • 4th – 5th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 10th: closed, Veterans Day
  • 11th – 12th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 22nd – 26th: closed, Thanksgiving


  • 2nd – 3rd: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 16th – 17th: 8am to 6pm, no classes
  • 23rd – 25th: closed, Christmas
  • 26th – 29th: phone support only from 8:30am to 4:30pm
  • 30th – 31st: closed

January 2024

  • 1st: closed, New Year’s Day
  • 2nd: closed