Technology Solutions

Our Mission

To provide and support the Warrington faculty, staff, and students with the appropriate IT tools, technology, and information in order to enhance the educational experience, make informed business decisions as well as streamline business processes.

Our Services

In house custom business application development. IT network security and systems design, implementation and administration. UF and Warrington Data services and reporting tools. Back end web development and support for Warrington’s public web site and services.

Our Business Applications

  • Warrington Directory
  • Heavener Probation
  • Heavener and Career Services Advising
  • Heavener Group Advising
  • Warrington Event Management
  • Hough Grad Course Scheduler
  • Heavener Course Scheduler
  • STATS (Warrington Custom Reporting Application)

Supported Business Services

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Salesforce Marketing Solutions
  • EMS Room Scheduling Administration
  • Warrington WordPress Development / Template
  • Microsoft Sharepoint / Calendars
  • UF / Warrington Student Data Integration and Reporting