Microsoft Imagine

Get a head start on your career with the latest professional software from Microsoft Imagine!

The Warrington College of Business and the Hough Graduate School of Business offer free subscriptions of Microsoft Imagine to their faculty, staff, and students in the Master of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management (MS-ISOM) Program.

Not only does Imagine support course development, non-commercial research, and other academic endeavors, but it also gives students download rights or instant online access to cutting-edge industry software.

Included Software

UF subscribes to the Premium edition of Imagine, which includes developer and design tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, Visio, and more. View a complete list of included applications.

Download Instructions

In order to download Imagine software, sign into the ELMS system with your GatorLink email address ([gatorlinkid] Your password is not your GatorLink password. When your account is created, a confirmation password will be emailed to your GatorLink email address. From there, you must reset your password.

Once you are registered, you will be able to access the Imagine “storefront” to download the tools of your choice. You may install the software on up to two devices. In order to install more than once you must request a re-install through the Support section of the ELMS website. This system was designed this way to guard against abuse of the license.

License Conditions


Faculty, staff and students must be teaching or enrolled in the Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) program to be able to download and install Imagine software under this license. Non-ISOM majors can become eligible if they are registered for a qualified ISOM course.

Note: Only staff responsible for ISOM research and academic functions (i.e. faculty, student labs, etc.) will be given access to the system. The software may not be used to run the business and administrative functions of the department.

Usage Restrictions

The purpose of the Microsoft Imagine subscription is to support the normal academic and research needs of the Information Systems and Operations Management program. By using the available software, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the end-user license agreement (EULA), which states:

  • All end users are prohibited from using Imagine Premium software for commercial purposes
  • No business to run the business and administrative functions of the department.
  • Imagine Premium product keys may not be sold, distributed, traded or given to anyone outside the qualified department or organization.
  • A record of all software downloads will be kept and supplied to Microsoft upon request.

If you violate the terms of the EULA, you must immediately uninstall the programs from your personal device and provide Microsoft with confirmation of removal.

Contract Term

Your Imagine account will remain active as long as you are teaching or enrolled in a qualified ISOM course. However, access to the Imagine Portal is granted on a semester-by-semester basis. Meaning all accounts are deleted at the end of each semester and replaced once course registration is finalized after drop/add week. Therefore, a new agreement must be signed each semester in order to continue your membership.

Any semester an individual does not meet the requirements, their access to Imagine is revoked and they will be denied new software updates and downloads. Graduates and disqualified users may continue to use any previously installed software on their personal devices, provided they conform to usage guidelines. Faculty and staff who are no longer employed with the College must uninstall software obtained from the Imagine license immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Account Related Questions

What is my Imagine Sign In?

For consistency, the College has made your Imagine sign-in the same as your GatorLink email address ( However, your password will be different because Imagine is independent of the GatorLink system.

Note: You must have a GatorLink ID in order to access software available through Imagine.

What is my password?

The College has no way to identify your password since Imagine is a completely independent system. Your Imagine password is not associated with any other account passwords, including your GatorLink password. When you first sign onto the program, a confirmation password will be emailed to your GatorLink email address. From there, you must reset your password.

I forgot my password; how do I get a new one?

You can have your current password emailed to your GatorLink address by clicking on the “forgot username or password?” link on the Imagine login page. Remember, your Imagine username is your GatorLink email address:

I’m having trouble logging in, do I have a Imagine account?

First, be certain you’re using the correct login id ( If you forgot your login information, you can use the “forgot username or password?” link to verify your account. If you don’t receive an email at your GatorLink email, then you probably don’t have a Imagine account.

Imagine Related Questions

Who is eligible to have a Imagine account?

Faculty, staff, and students in the MS-ISOM program or course are permitted to subscribe to Imagine. Note: Individual Imagine subscriptions are conditional on teaching or enrolling in a qualifying course.

It’s the beginning of the semester and I am eligible, so why am I unable to login?

At the end of each semester Imagine accounts are deleted and the new accounts are created after drop/add. There may be a lag between the time we delete accounts and create the new ones while waiting for class rolls to finalize.

How will I know that I have been granted access?

An email will be sent to your GatorLink email address when your account is activated for the semester.

How long can I use my Imagine account and software I installed?

You may continue to use the software as long as you are enrolled in a qualifying course or are in the Information Systems and Operations Management program.

Upon graduation, are your rights to any downloaded programs from Imagine revoked?

Yes; however, any software that has been downloaded is yours to keep as long as you abide to the Imagine Usage Guidelines.

Why is there only Microsoft software available?

The Imagine program is made in arrangement with Microsoft, so it only includes Microsoft software.

Will Microsoft Office ever be included in the license?

The Imagine license is specifically for development software, not business applications. Thus, Microsoft Office will not be included in the Imagine license. However, all UF faculty, staff, and students can download Microsoft Office for free.

I have more than one computer; can I install the same software on both/all devices?

You may install the software on any two devices you own as long as they conform to the Imagine Usage Guidelines. In order to install software more than once, you must request a re-install.

Where is the product serial number?

The product serial number is included in the Purchase Confirmation email you receive and the “packing slip” web page displayed after you begin the download.

Technical Assistance Related Questions

Can I obtain technical support from Microsoft for Imagine software?

Yes, Microsoft has a FAQ page related to Imagine problems.

The FAQ from Microsoft didn’t provide the support I needed; is there any other resource?

Yes, contact the Technology Assistance Center by phone at 352-273-0248 or email the TAC. You can also visit them at the following locations:

  • Heavener Hall
    Room 206
    Mon – Fri, 8am – 10pm
  • Hough Hall
    Room 236
    Sat & Sun, 7am – 9pm