Dudziak-McClintock Business Technology Center

The Dudziak-McClintock Business Technology Center provides computer and classroom AV support to Warrington College of Business faculty, staff & graduate students. Services include software installation, hardware configuration and resolving computer, printer, internet or network access problems. We provide recommendations for computer purchases or upgrades. DMBTC also provides real time (within 10 minutes) classroom support for all Warrington classrooms.

IT Help Desk

The College’s online help system is the most efficient way to get help with any information technology issue…software, computer equipment, viruses, training, etc. IT Help requests are monitored by the technical staff many times per day and routed to the appropriate support personnel.

Please note the service priority levels for requests:

  • For Immediate Support: Emergency help is needed, e.g. in a classroom, call 273-0248
  • Priority: Help within 4 business hours. Submit a IT Help request; select “Priority”
  • Normal: Help within 1 business day. Submit a IT Help request; select “Normal”
  • Low: Help within 5 business days. Submit a IT Help request; select “Low”
    Normal business hours are 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday.

Classroom Support hours are 7am – 9pm Monday – Sunday. Support not available when the TAC is closed; see TAC schedule for specific dates.

Equipment Check-out

To request laptop computers, video-conference systems, projectors to use with laptops or PCs, or document cameras, make reservation through the Help Ticket system.

Hardware Purchasing Recommendations

DMBTC offers recommendations for hardware purchases. We can help you order hardware that meets your needs. UF has agreements with many vendors, if you purchase from one of them you will get the best possible price. DMBTC technicians are certified to repair hardware from several vendors. Ordering hardware from one of these vendors results in quicker repairs for you.

Ask your technician for specific vendors who provide onsite warranty work, this should be done before you purchase any hardware. Typical types of hardware we make recommendations for are; Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Phones, and Printers. Due to the frequency vendors change hardware you will need to contact your technician for help or submit a Help Ticket.

Technology Assistance Center (TAC)

The TAC provides computer support to all Warrington College of Business students. This support can be obtained through Email, Phone, Help Ticket, or Walking-in. The TAC provides help with installing software updates, antivirus software, connecting to UF resources like accounts, WI Fi, internet and connecting to student printers.

The TAC also provides class website and video lecture connection support to all Warrington College of Business students.

Weekend Support

The TAC will have one support person available Saturdays and Sundays from 7am-9pm, excluding reasonable breaks for lunch and dinner.

  • Network failures
  • Supporting classrooms that are in-use
  • Support for working professional students
  • Other support duties

Weekend TAC Support will be available to assist all working professional programs on Saturday and Sunday to ensure that there are no technology issues in the classroom. Request support by submitting a Help Ticket.