Report Phishing

Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a process by which someone tries to obtain your private information using deceptive means, usually by sending an email that appears to come from a business, bank, school, or other organization you trust. The email may include a link that takes you to a counterfeit web site that very closely resembles a trusted web site where they ask for your password, social security number, account number, drivers license number or other personal information that can be used to steal your identity. Another method is to lure you to reply to a fake email with your private information.

The Report Phishing button in Outlook for Windows

If you suspect an email that you’ve received is a phishing attempt, please use the Report Phishing tool located in your Outlook menu bar.

  1. View the email in question.
  2. Click “Report Phishing”.
  3. Click “Yes” to confirm the report.
  4. Click “OK” to close the confirmation notification.

The phishing email will them be moved to your Deleted Items folder where it will remain for 30 days before being automatically and permanently deleted. If you have reported an email in error, you can go into your Deleted Items folder to retrieve that email.

Note: This is only available for users running Outlook on a Windows or Mac machine that is managed by DMBTC.

For more information on email security please visit UFIT’s Protect My Email page.