Asset Identification

Purpose: To assist users with locating and determining the difference between a serial number and an asset tag.

Serial Number

A screen capture of a Windows command prompt window with the command for finding the serial number


Right-click the Start menu. Select either of the following: PowerShell, Command Prompt, or Terminal. Type or paste in the following: wmic bios get serialnumber

Press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. The serial number will be displayed.

Screen capture showing the About This Mac in the Apple menu and the window showing information about the computer including its serial number


Click to open the Apple menu, then choose About This Mac. The Serial Number will be displayed in the window that opens.

Asset Decal

This is located on a white sticker fixed to either the top or the bottom of your device. All Warrington devices have this decal. If yours is missing, please submit a help ticket.

The number starts with ATP0000____.

The bottom side of a laptop computer with a UF decal with a bar code and ID number