Taking Courses Online
for UF Students Away from Gainesville

Each semester, the Heavener School of Business provides UF students who are away from Gainesville with the opportunity to take our business courses online. Students are able to view campus lectures via streaming video and take exams proctored online. To participate, you must meet course prerequisites, have a GatorLink account, have access to high speed internet, and have a webcam. Note: Campus-based students who are in Gainesville are not permitted to register for these courses.


See an advisor in Heavener 333 to see if courses are available online for fall and spring semesters.

Business majors who want to take an online course, because they are away from Gainesville, should complete the following steps:

  1. Check the course prerequisites in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  2. Meet with an academic advisor in Heavener 333 for assistance with registration.


In addition to regular tuition and fees there is a distance learning and online proctoring fee for these courses. See the Registrar's schedule of courses for details.

Course Schedule

Below is a list of business courses that are offered to students who qualify to take them online. Find current syllabi on the College's course syllabi page. This schedule is subject to change.

Summer 2016 Online Course Test Schedule

Course Exam 1 Exam 2 Exam 3 Exam 4
ACG2021 May 18 Jun 2 Jun 15  
ACG2071 Jul 6 Jul 19 Aug 1  
BUL4310 Jun 15 Jul 13 Aug 3  
ECO2013 Jul 7 Jul 21 Aug 4  
ECO2023 Jun 8 Jul 20    
FIN3403 Jun 13 Aug 2    
MAN3025 Jun 7 Jul 11 Aug 1  
MAN4504 May 31 Jun 30 Aug 1  
MAR3023 Jun 6 Jul 7 Jul 28  
MAR3231 Jun 14 Jul 12 Jul 28  


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