GEB 4941 Internship Course

Business majors who started at the University of Florida Summer B 2009 or later must complete either the GEB 4941 Internship Course before their senior year or complete a study abroad. An internship can be completed during any term (summer, fall, or spring) of a student’s undergraduate career. To maximize the internship experience, students will complete six (6) assignments over their internship and submit each assignment through Sakai for review and grading by a Heavener School of Business staff member.

GEB 4941 is a correspondence course; there are no class lectures nor will students attend class in any classroom. Regular tuition and fees will be charged for enrollment in GEB4941. All students desiring to earn course credit must enroll in GEB 4941 while on-site completing their internship; no internship credit is awarded retroactively after a student completes their internship.


  • Secure an internship.
  • Obtain an Employer Verification Letter (information in the FAQ section).
  • Log into Sakai and click on the Academic Advising and Career Coaching tab, located at the top. If you don't have access to the Academic Advising and Career Coaching site in Sakai, please email the course administrator (GEB4941 at
  • Click on GEB4941 Internship Application located on the left main menu.
  • Watch the podcast and complete the quiz.
  • Complete the internship application. You will need to attach an electronic copy of the employer verification letter and resume to your application.
  • After your application and internship acceptance letter is verified, a Heavener advisor will register you for GEB4941. Regular tuition and fees will be charged for enrollment in GEB4941. Please be mindful of tuition due dates listed in the academic calendar as well as on the Registrar’s website.
  • Complete a great internship!

Earning Academic Credit and Course Grading

Course Credits (Variable: 1-4 Credit Hours). The amount of GEB 4941 credit a student can earn depends on the amount of hours the student completes over the course an internship. All students must enroll in at least one (1) internship credit hour and can earn a maximum of four (4) internship credit hours per internship.

  • 1 Credit Hour: 150 internship required work hours
  • 2 Credit Hours: 260 internship required work hours
  • 3 Credit Hours: 370 internship required work hours
  • 4 Credit Hours: 480 internship required work hours

Late GEB 4941 Registration After Drop/Add. Students who receive late confirmation of an acquired internship can still be added into GEB 4941 after the drop/add registration period ends depending on the term:

  • Fall, Spring, Summer B or C: Can be late added up to one week post drop/add period

Course Grading. This is a Pass/Fail (S-U) course. No grade points are awarded which will factor into any UF GPA. GEB 4941 cannot be taken to earn any grade points.

Repeating GEB 4941 for Additional Credit. Credits: 1 to 4; can be repeated with change in content up to 8 credits. Although not required, students are allowed to repeat GEB 4941 for additional internship credit in any future semester prior to graduation.

Internship Information

Types of Internships. Ideally, students should do their best to acquire an internship at a company/within an industry they wish to work for after graduation. Students are not turned away from receiving GEB 4941 credit for opting to complete internships outside their major or interest area. Finance majors, for example, are allowed to complete internships at any location; not just in the field of finance.

Location of the Internship. Students can complete an internship anywhere in the world. Internships are not limited to Gainesville or within the state of Florida.

Quality of Supervision in the Internship. While earning GEB 4941 internship, students should have a supervisor who holds a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should my employer include in the verification letter and where do they send the letter?

The verification letter is not an offer letter. The verification letter should acknowledge your employment with the company and include the following: the dates of employment, hours expected to be completed during the internship or on a weekly basis, anticipated responsibilities as an intern and your supervisor’s contact information. The letter must be submitted online with your application.

I plan to work full-time (40 hours week) on this internship, do I still need to enroll in 4 credits?

No, students only need to complete 1 credit hour of internship coursework for degree requirements. Students must meet the minimum 150 hours to earn 1 credit hour of GEB4941. Students who complete more hours may choose to enroll in additional credit hours based on the minimum hours met (see guidelines above). Please note, students will be responsible for the tuition associated with the additional credit hours and that the course is only offered on an S-U basis (therefore no impact on UF GPA).

How do I add GEB4941 to my schedule?

Students cannot register for GEB 4941 on their own. The GEB 4941 course administrator will add the course to your schedule once your internship application AND employment verification letter have been reviewed and approved. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the application and the verification letter in a timely manner in order to avoid late registration fees (Academic Deadlines and Calendars). Students are responsible for clearing all registration holds when they submit their application.

Does my internship start/end dates need to match the semester’s first and last class day dates, since I will be enrolled in the GEB 4941 course?

The internship needs to occur 'at some point' during the semester in which you enroll in GEB 4941 but the internship does not have to start and end along semester dates. For example, if your internship will be from January-March, you would be fine applying for internship credit for the Spring semester, as long you meet the required internship hours specified by your enrollment in GEB 4941 during that time period. In addition, since GEB 4941 is a correspondence course, all assignments are available at the beginning of the semester so students can match assignment submissions to their internship timeline.

Can I take a course away from UF as a transient or non-degree seeking student and be enrolled in the Internship Course, GEB 4941 during the same semester?

GEB 4941 Internship Credit & Transient Coursework: Although it is not permitted for students to dual enroll at UF and a non-UF institution at the same time (i.e., enrolling in any UF course while simultaneously enrolling at a community or state college), there is one exception. Students can take GEB 4941 internship credit concurrently while enrolling at a non-UF institution.

  • Example: Mark can enroll in GEB 4941 (1-4 credits) AND take ACG2021 at Brevard Community college at the same time.


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