Introduction to Business: Human Library

Who can be a Human Library Book?

Are you interested in being part of this inspirational movement? We’re looking for individuals that have experienced intolerance, oppression, or hardship and are willing to share their story of resilience with first year students in a positive and engaging manner. Community members, as well as faculty, staff, and students at UF are invited to serve as Books in the Human Library. A list of suggested topics is available below, but we are open to hearing stories from anyone – all experiences are valuable and we appreciate your willingness to share.

Next Steps

  1. RSVP to attend an Orientation Session
    • Tuesday, Jan 10th or Wednesday, Jan 11th, 6pm Heavener Hall, Room 210
  2. After attending your Book Drive, please complete your Book Proposal.


  1. Books are required to serve for at least two hours at this event, which allows for two sessions with first-year students.
  2. Draft a synopsis of your story before the event, and be willing to elaborate on it and answer questions from first-year students at the event.
  3. Be able to encourage open-minded and positive dialogue with and between students.
  4. Attend one mandatory orientation to review expectations and learning outcomes for the Human Library Project.
  5. Provide feedback after the event in a timely manner.
  6. Books are highly encouraged to serve at a minimum of two Human Library Events.


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