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Let's face it. There are a lot of business majors out there. Have you thought about how you're going to set yourself apart from the crowd? To be competitive in today's job market, and to make the most of your educational experience, you need to concentrate on four key areas of development: Academics, Career Development, Involvement and Leadership, and International Studies.


Know your stuff! Enhancing your business degree with high grades, a minor, useful electives, a research project, or a graduate degree, will help distinguish you from your peers.

Career Development

Get out of the classroom and into the Real World! To be competitive in today's job market, you need real world experience to back up your degree. Developing marketable skills, a professional network, and a solid understanding of your career options will also serve you well.

Involvement and Leadership

Show your initiative! You can gain a competitive edge by taking part in extracurricular and leadership activities. Through on campus involvement, you can build your resume and demonstrate to prospective employers your ability to lead and to be a willing and effective team member.

International Studies

Go global! Develop confidence and competence in the global marketplace by studying abroad; learning a foreign language; pursuing international-related degrees, minors, certificates, and courses; and participating in international student organizations.

Alumni Café

Connecting Business Undergrads with Business Alumni

Please join us for Alumni Café—a casual lunch-and-learn speaker series that connects undergraduate business students with a local Warrington alum. Lunches are limited to 10-12 students.

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