How will the pandemic change telecommunications markets? A conversation with John Reid on June 18, 2020

We receive a lot of questions about how the pandemic will impact telecommunications markets. This is a critical question. Since the 1990s, most of the world has relied upon competition to resolve issues of telecommunications deployment, prices, and quality. Will the pandemic change this?

John Reid, the former CEO of Cable & Wireless, joined Next Practices Live to explore this issue. John has about 30 years of experience in telecommunications, including executive positions in Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He has also served President of C&W’s Consumer Division and Chairman of Bahamas Telecommunications Company. If you missed his first two Next Practices Live interview, they are archived here on the changing economics of telecommunications, and here on the pandemic’s impact on regulation.

We discussed:

  • Emerging patterns in competition
  • Differential impacts on small vs. large markets
  • Industry consolidation and divestiture
  • Implications for regulation