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Rely on us to help you navigate through the changing regulatory landscape with our utility infrastructure training programs, research and content experts. As a senior decision maker, you are well aware of the many challenges infrastructure development and regulation present for regulatory agencies, service providers, investors, and governments. As countries place utility operations on a commercial basis and open infrastructure markets to competition, governments are creating new agencies or adapting existing regulatory institutions to the new operating environment. This also creates new rules on how companies may pursue these markets. To ensure that operators are able to thrive, infrastructures are developed, regulation is sustainable, and benefits are delivered to customers, it is essential that both industry and those responsible for implementing regulatory policies understand the strengths and limitations of various incentive regimes, market reforms, and regulatory decision-making processes.

PURC is an internationally recognized academic center dedicated to research and to providing training in utility regulation and strategy, as well as the development of leadership in infrastructure policy.

Our training programs teach the principles and practices that support effective utility policy, regulation, management, and leadership. With these tools, we help government and industry officials develop efficient utility infrastructure to better meet the needs of their customers.

Regulators and industry professionals, seasoned and new to the field, benefit from continuing education as the regulatory landscape continues to change. With educated employees, organizations benefit from better decision making and thus a more promising future.

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