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Technology is rapidly advancing and creating new challenges for you and your organizations. It is hard for even the most capable companies and agencies to change with the times, let alone lead the change. Prepare your team for the future with PURC Leadership Services!

PURC Leadership Services help you transform your agency or company by identifying what is truly holding it back from realizing its goals and by providing the tools to solve your challenges. We equip professionals at every level of the organization by leveraging their talents, creativity and energy to take charge of their own future. PURC’s interactive, case-oriented approach is designed for our clients to become world-class leaders.

PURC Leadership Services include:

    • Practicing Leadership in a Political Environment – an intensive, one-day workshop
    • Next Generation Leaders: CEOs Dialogue – a virtual and highly interactive development program designed towards working professionals
    • Customized leadership training – Our clients typically reach out to us when they:
      • Want to develop a robust leadership culture
      • Find themselves failing to reach aspirations
      • Are preparing for a significant change
      • Want individuals or groups to take ownership of the organization’s success

In our customized leadership training, we develop tailored programs and tools to meet your specific needs. We work with individuals and groups at every level of the organization to affect the necessary change and move forward in your challenges.

  • One-on-one coaching – designed to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you’re struggling with your own individual challenges, need to create a holding environment for change in your team, or have to mobilize others in difficult situations, our practice will coach you through the process to achieve your goals. Together we will explore your issues, discover what may hold you back, and study the best possible interventions for your context. Whether you are at the top of the organization or practice leadership at any level, our coaching services are for you.
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Our experts have delivered leadership development programs for the Uganda Communications Commission, Northwestern Energy Company, the Florida Public Service Commission, and many more.

Begin your transformation – contact Araceli Castaneda, director of leadership studies, today!