Heading into markup, Senate antitrust bills risk hurting the economy and consumers

The two antitrust bills before the Senate Judiciary Committee are showing their warts. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA) and the Open App Markets Act, which are set for markup today, have drawn criticism from large numbers of scholars, researchers, and pundits across the political spectrum. I have written about the legislation directly [...]

Market power doesn’t cause inflation

The recent inflation surge has many consumers and businesses upset — as they should be. Inflation makes it costly to hold liquid assets, which both groups need. Declining dollar values make it more costly for foreign entities to buy from American businesses. Inflation also punishes senior citizens whose savings shrink through no fault of their [...]

The metaverse is here, growing, and changing

Facebook’s October announcement that it would become a metaverse company and change its name to Meta created quite a stir. Elon Musk mocked the decision, saying people are unwilling to replace the physical world with a virtual one. Jack Dorsey called it dystopian, and others piled on. But Bill Gates said that most office meetings [...]

Ethics in the Age of a Technological Revolution

In this episode, Dr. Mark Jamison and Palveshey Tariq discuss ethics in the age of a technological revolution. This podcast episode (Ep. 14 — Palveshow) can be listened to on YouTube, as well as the link below.

Reuters’ flawed attack on Amazon is weak

These days, mainstream journalists are taking aim at Big Tech. The Wall Street Journal conducted investigations critical of Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook. Politico obtained leaked internal Federal Trade Commission (FTC) memos and published criticisms of the FTC’s decision to not prosecute Google. The House Judiciary Committee’s majority staff report arguing for regulations and breakups of [...]