Next Practices Live with Tim Ward

Wouldn't you know it: Just when your organization and your country need your leadership the most, you are in lockdown. How can you communicate and listen when you can't be present? PURC welcomed Tim Ward of Intermedia Communications to our Next Practices Live session on April 8th. Tim and his team have taught communications to [...]

Next Practices Live with Commissioner Michael O’Rielly

Commissioner Michael O’Rielly of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was our guest for the fifth Next Practices Live. We at PURC are grateful that he took time out of his overly busy schedule to share what the FCC is doing and learning during this unprecedented pandemic. In addition to describing the FCC’s responses to [...]

Next Practices Live with John Winter

ICT Working Group April 9, 2020 - 2:00pm EDT Register Now Many telecommunications companies and their regulators wonder whether we can afford everything we are asking companies to do. Companies are adding customers and keeping existing customers connected even when they don't pay, adding network capacity to accommodate increased traffic, and altering service parameters to [...]

Next Practices Live with Rene Almendras

Sharing insights across sectors and countries will be critical to our success in dealing with COVID-19. Our fourth session featured Jose Rene Gregory D. Almendras, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water, one of the world’s most respected water utilities. Mr. Almendras and I discussed how he is providing leadership for his organization during [...]

Next Practices Live with Peter Twesigye

Are you watching the Next Practices Live sessions? If you’re not, click here to see the one with David Cox. David gave impressive insights into what telecom companies are doing with governments and customers to address the pandemic. He shared several important insights. Here are two: (1) Everyone is trying different things, so cross sector [...]