10 Years of Collaboration Between UF and The Conversation

From why mosquitoes prefer some people to the best books for baby brains and even an incorrect taste map — University of Florida researchers have covered it all. Ten years ago, the collaboration with The Conversation US began with its first article on April 28, 2014. Since then, over 300 authors have contributed to nearly [...]

Evaluating State Broadband Efforts: Insights from the Broadband Barometer Project

As the country races into its digital transformation, the expansion of broadband across the United States has become a pivotal undertaking. There are numerous state and federal efforts, fueled largely by over $70 billion of federal taxpayer dollars. States are at the forefront, receiving about $42.5 billion to implement the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment [...]

In Attacking Apple, the Department of Justice Fails to Grasp the Essence of Progress

Those who look forward to Apple (yet again) redefining the technological horizon, like it did with the iPhone, may need to temper their expectations. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has taken an ill-conceived step with an antitrust lawsuit that, if successful, threatens to transform Apple from an industry maverick into just another phone maker. [...]

Biden and Europeans Work Together to Stifle Competition and Innovation

In their misguided attempts to foster competition and innovation, US and European regulators are forging shackles for the very engines that drive technological progress. The Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and state attorneys general have launched numerous antitrust cases against Big Tech companies like Alphabet, Apple, and Meta, while the European Union has introduced [...]

Open App Markets Act: A Misguided Approach That Could Stifle America

Rumor has it the Open App Markets Act (OAMA) could make a comeback in Congress. Its supporters posit that large tech companies, such as Apple and Alphabet, are throttling competition and innovation. Yet these arguments run contrary to objective evidence. And the stakes are high—not only does OAMA-like legislation risk undoing Congressional efforts to address [...]