Pre-PURC Series: Strategies for Closing the Infrastructure Gap

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 10:00am - 11:00am US Eastern Time Register Now Hi, Everyone. A friend of mine works for a broadband provider. Reflecting on his company’s pandemic experience, he told me that its broadband service is needed now more than ever, but the pandemic has strained its ability to expand service. One of his [...]

Preparing to Harden Electrical Resources for Hurricane Season

Experts responsible for predicting storms that will affect United States communities estimate that up to twenty named storms will cause significant damage in 2021. The first one, Ana, has already occurred before the beginning of June, announcing the start of our annual Hurricane Season. Communities that are likely to suffer effects of significant damage from [...]

Epic Games v. Apple demonstrates the importance of economic analysis in antitrust

Lately there has been a push to replace economic analysis in antitrust with rules of thumb such as “a firm of size X is inherently bad.” This is a bad idea, and the ongoing Epic Games Inc. v. Apple Inc. trial demonstrates the point. Read Dr. Jamison's complete blog post at AEI.

Facebook’s Oversight Board is wrong to punt on Facebook’s Trump ban

Facebook’s Oversight Board has punted on whether to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s Facebook account or permanently close it. Facebook indefinitely banned Trump from the social media site based on his posts during the January 6 Capitol Hill riot, then referred the issue to the board. On Wednesday, the board — which was established to [...]

Should the FCC’s economic analyses be overseen by the White House?

A 2019 Department of Justice (DOJ) opinion concluded that the president may direct independent agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to submit regulatory actions for review, including cost-benefit analyses of the intended actions. I’ll defer to others on whether such a move is legal, but White House control of FCC regulatory analysis is [...]