Debunking three common antitrust myths

Sometimes antitrust seems like an evidence-free zone. As with any topic, some writers on antitrust are happy to announce their opinions without explanation or evidence. More troubling are those who support their opinions with arguments that are known to be flawed. These unsupported arguments take the forms of myths that, if repeated enough, become part [...]

What would a Biden-Harris win mean for American tech and innovation?

Suppose it’s 2024, and Vice President Kamala Harris is running to succeed President Joe Biden. What would tech and US tech policy look like after four years of Biden-Harris? Read Dr. Mark Jamison's full blog post online at AEI.

Breaking up Big Tech will not help the US innovate or compete with China

Facebook and Google have argued that breaking them up would damage US competitiveness with China. Vanderbilt Law Professor — and former advisor to Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) — Ganesh Sitaraman and former Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler (now at the Brookings Institution) take exception. Sitaraman argues in Foreign Affairs that breaking up Big Tech [...]

Democrats don’t make a case for regulating Big Tech

In a recent blog post, I wrote that July’s House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring Big Tech CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google turned into two hearings: one for Democrats, who largely want to control the companies’ business models and finances, and another for Republicans, who mostly want a say in the companies’ content management. [...]

What happens when power shut-off moratoriums expire? A conversation with Ted Kury on August 11, 2020

During the pandemic, most utilities and regulators developed policies that kept customers connected to their utility services. Sometimes payments were simply forgiven. Other times they were simply delayed. Now some of these policies are expiring. Should they be continued? What are the financial consequences for utilities and customers? These questions and more were the subject [...]