PURC Customized Training

For Utility Regulators, Policy Makers, and Infrastructure Professionals

Customized training participant group
March 2015 – Kampala, Uganda
Fundamentals of Electricity Regulation
Are traditional solutions failing to meet your needs?

Our tailored utility infrastructure training programs are individually designed to help you identify the best solutions to the pressing issues you face today. By working with you to design the program, we can deliver the most relevant curriculum, expand upon your organization’s existing competencies, and develop tailored strategies using the right tools for the job.

PURC training and development programs are designed to improve participant skills in five areas: conceptual frameworks, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and commitment.


Current and recent individualized programs in energy, telecommunications and water include courses which addressed these specific objectives for the client:

  • Improving organizational performance –
    Leadership, strategic planning, independence, transparency, stakeholder involvement, negotiating skills, benchmarking, economic and financial analysis
  • Expanding understanding of the pricing of infrastructure services –
    Electricity transmission and distribution, water and wastewater, natural gas, telecommunications retail and interconnection services
  • Developing skills for price reviews and rate cases –
    Practical, strategic and technical aspects of conducting rate reviews
  • Enhancing knowledge of market structure and design –
    Removing barriers to entry in telecommunications, facilitating competition for concessions, assessing market competition and designing electricity markets, including models and case studies
  • Building capacity to address environmental considerations –
    Siting issues, emissions programs, rate treatment
  • Increasing knowledge of sector issues –
    Technology issues, best practices, stakeholder perspectives and relationships
  • Improving policy-making and implementation –
    Formulating and implementing efficient infrastructure strategies, stakeholder involvement, public consultation, media relations

Our programs teach the principles and practices that support effective utility policy and regulation. Instructional approaches include case studies, lectures, client problem-solving, simulations, video, e-learning, and site visits. Training is rigorous, but practical.

Customized courses we have provided in the past include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals of utility regulation
  • Purpose and role of utility regulation
  • Regulating utility markets, finances, prices, and services
  • Regulatory issues
  • Cost of service
  • Advanced methods in regulatory pricing and industry analysis
  • Industry structure, markets and competition
  • Electric fuel
  • Electric issues
  • Energy issues
  • Advanced course on regulatory economics and process: interconnection, pricing, and competition
  • Competition in convergence markets: open access and financial analysis
  • Competitive analysis in telecoms: current and future markets
  • Infrastructure sharing for broadcasting
  • Broadcasting competition
  • Advanced methods in radio spectrum planning and management
  • Basic methods in radio spectrum planning and management
  • Telecom policy and regulation for next generation networks
  • Executive leadership, strategic planning and organizational development in utilities regulation
  • Leadership and management skills for state utility regulators

PURC has developed customized training programs for ARSESP (Agencia Reguladora de Saneamento e Energia de estado de Sao Paulo), the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand, Aqualectra, the Florida Public Service Commission, the Nigerian Power Holding Company, and the Bermuda Department of Energy, to name a few.

For more information, please complete the customized training information form and one of our experts will be in touch with you shortly to further discuss your needs.