PURC Customized Research

PURC has delivered customized research projects for the State of Florida, The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission of Thailand, AT&T, and many more. Examples of recent customized research projects include:

Evaluation of the Florida Energy Efficiency Conservation Act (FEECA)

This report to the Florida Public Service Commission found that the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA) remains in the public interest. Although the research team of PURC, UF’s Program for Resource Efficient Communities, and the National Regulatory Research Institute was concerned about data limitations, the team concluded that FEECA appeared to be a cost-effective means for improving the efficiency with which Florida produces and uses electricity. The report examines the history of FEECA, describes how Florida uses energy, analyzes the types of energy programs offered by Florida utilities, models future scenarios for energy efficiency, studies alternatives to FEECA, and reports stakeholder views on FEECA. The report also provides suggestions for improving the FEECA processes.

The Revision of Market Definition and Competition in the Thai Telecommunication Industry Project

Thammasat University of Thailand hired PURC to conduct research on telecommunications competition and deliver a seminar on the research findings. This year PURC produced two research papers. One examined the Federal Communication Commission’s approach to market definition and market analysis and the other examined new developments in market analysis for mergers.