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Rely on us to help you navigate the changing regulatory landscape with our infrastructure training programs, research and content experts. We can assist you with:

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  • Leadership workshops
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Public Utility Research Center
Warrington College of Business
University of Florida

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Physical Address
Matherly Hall 205
1405 W University Avenue

Mailing Address
PO Box 117142
Gainesville, FL 32611-7142

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1384 Union Rd
Bryan Hall 125
Gainesville, FL 32611

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PURC Fellows id="senior-fellows"

This designation is reserved for knowledgeable and experienced professionals who foster strong ties to academia, industry, and government, who embody PURC’s values of respect, integrity, effectiveness and expertise, and who support our mission to contribute to the development and availability of efficient utility services through research, education, and service.

Senior Fellows

Junior Fellows

  • Peter Piacenti

Past Fellows

  • In Memoriam J. Paul Morgan

Research Associates id="research-associates"

The title of PURC Research Associate is reserved for knowledgeable and experienced academicians who help strengthen PURC’s research core with timely, rigorous, and policy-relevant research and whom we believe embody PURC’s values of respect, integrity, effectiveness and expertise.

Senior Research Associates:

  • Bronwyn Howell
    School of Management, Victoria University of Wellington
    New Zealand
  • Roxana Barrantes Cáceres
    General Director and Associate Researcher
    Institute of Peruvian Studies
  • Sylvia Chan-Olmsted
    Associate Dean for Research; Professor, Telecommunication
    University of Florida
  • Fernando Damonte
    Córdoba, Argentina
  • Dick Elnicki
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
    University of Florida
  • José Luis Gómez-Barroso
    Associate Professor
    Department of Applied Economics and Economic History
    Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED) Spain
  • Luis Gutierrez
    Universidad del Rosario
  • Janice Hauge
    University of North Texas
  • Ira Horowitz
    Professor Emeritus
    Department of Information Systems and Operations Management
    University of Florida
  • Rui Cunha Marques
    Center of Urban and Regional Systems
    Instituto Superior Técnico
    Technical University of Lisbon
  • Silver Mugisha
    Chief Manager
    National Water and Sewerage Corporation
  • Richard Pettway
    Visiting Scholar of Finance
    Department of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate
    University of Florida
  • Paul Sotkiewicz
    E-Cubed Policy Associates, LLC

Research Associates:

  • Justin Brown
    Assistant Professor, Telecommunication
    Winthrop University
  • Eric Chiang
    Professor in Residence
    University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Maria Luisa Cortón
    Associate Professor of Economics
    University of South Florida
  • James W. Dean
    Weldon-Dean Associates
  • Ali Oguz Dirioz
    Bilkent University or Turkey
  • Rich Gentry
    Associate Professor of Management, School of Business Administration
    University of Mississippi
  • Jacqueline Horrall
    Asst. Professor
    University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
  • Fan Li
    Assistant Professor
    The China Center for Special Economic Zone Research at the Shen University
  • Chen Lin
    Lingnan University
    Hong Kong
  • Mircea Marcu
  • Amanda Phalin
    Senior Lecturer
    University of Florida
  • Michelle Phillips
    University of Florida
  • Guillermo Sabbioni
    Profesor con Dedicación Especial
    Pontificia Universidad Catolica Argentina
  • Palveshey Tariq
    Ph.D. Student
    Yale University

Visiting Scholars id="visiting-scholars"

PURC actively supports visiting scholars, and they enhance the research and outreach programs of the Warrington College of Business and the University of Florida. Most visiting scholars collaborate on research with regular PURC faculty during their stay, and many have published articles with acknowledgments of the support they received from PURC.

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Affiliated Faculty id="affiliated-faculty"

  • Richard Romano
    Professor of Economics
    Areas of Expertise: Education Policy, Public Economics, Imperfect Competition
  • David Sappington
    Lanzillotti-McKethan Eminent Scholar
    Areas of Expertise: Regulation, Incentives, Information Economics, Economics of Health Care

Emeritus Faculty id="emeritus-faculty"

  • Sanford V. Berg
    Sanford V. Berg

    Emeritus Professor, Economics
    University of Florida

    Research Areas
    Regulatory Policy, Performance Assessment, Incentives and Governance

  • Lynne Holt Policy Analyst Emerita
    Lynne W. Holt

    Emerita Policy Analyst
    University of Florida

    Research Areas
    Regulatory Policy

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