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Roku’s dispute with YouTube does not imply market power

Alphabet Inc. recently announced its YouTube video-sharing service would leave the streaming platform Roku on December 9 after a long public dispute between the two tech leaders. Some members of Congress have noticed and are using it as an opportunity to promote their Big Tech antitrust legislation, claiming Alphabet’s move is proof of market power. [...]

Congress’ skirmish with Big Tech: Highlights from a conversation with Jennifer Huddleston

With a package of antitrust bills introduced to the House Judiciary Committee, Congress is moving swiftly to rein in what it sees as the market power and abusive business practices of “Big Tech” firms — namely Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Inc.’s Google. But what would these proposals mean in practice for everyday consumers? View [...]

Sens. Klobuchar and Grassley show why Congress should not pass Big Tech legislation

America’s founders held a belief that is rare in political leaders these days — namely that they should not be trusted with power. That is a mark of greatness, as King George III of England noted: Upon being told at the end of America’s Revolutionary War that the victorious and immensely popular Gen. George Washington [...]

What’s going on at the Federal Trade Commission? Highlights from a conversation with Bilal Sayyed

Under Chairwoman Lina Khan’s leadership, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is undergoing a number of process reforms that are poised to make the commission less democratic by allocating more power to the chair herself. If successful, what impact will these reforms have on the future of the commission — and on the laws it’s tasked [...]

Markets are addressing Facebook’s problems

These are tough days for Facebook. An hours-long network outage recently led users to sign up for Signal, Telegram, and other rival services and triggered calls for more regulation. A former employee is using The Wall Street Journal, 60 Minutes, and Senate testimony to criticize her former colleagues’ morals, leading to more calls for government [...]