Articles by: Mark Jamison

Biden’s Antitrust Team is Tossing Aside Rule of Law

Every business owner knows that a sure way to go out of business is to break promises to customers. Hand a burger and fries to someone who ordered a filet mignon, and you won’t see that customer again. So why do Biden’s antitrust regulators think that it is okay to dismiss America’s laws and become [...]

AEI Section 230 Spring Summit

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is often referred to as the “26 words that created the internet.” Now, those words are the subject of a growing debate about their application and efficacy. From Supreme Court cases to state and national legislative proposals, the future of Section 230 is in question. Join AEI’s online [...]

Meta’s Expanded User Controls Are a (Cautious) Positive Step

Rumor is that Meta will allow users greater control over their Facebook Feed, which is the first thing a user sees when he or she logs into Facebook. More specifically, users will be able to “increase or diminish the presence of spam, sensitive, or ‘fact-checked’ content.” This is a step in the right direction, but [...]

States Should Avoid Heavy-Handed Approaches to Big Tech

Red states like Florida are fast becoming magnets for people with entrepreneurial drive and a desire to be free of heavy government regulations. In 2021, Florida added 2,715 new information technology (tech) businesses—more than any other state. Texas added 10,851 tech jobs in 2021, more than double California’s gain. Florida led the nation in net [...]

Why Christine Wilson’s Resignation from the FTC Matters

With Christine Wilson’s departure, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has lost a champion for high-quality work and open debate. Many will miss her, but the staff and consumers will suffer the most. What’s even sadder is that it seems that losing her as a commissioner was necessary to lay bare the FTC’s rapid decay. The [...]