5 reasons why Nobel Prizes in economics matter in tech

In case you missed it, Professors Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson received the 2020 Nobel Prize in economics for their work on auction theory, which is used extensively in tech. Auction theory may not sound like much to some people: How hard can it be to ask people to bid on something? Read Dr. Jamison's [...]

3 reasons why Biden will kill off net neutrality

There are several reasons to think that a Biden administration will resurrect net neutrality, a policy adopted by the Obama Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2015 and then reversed by the Trump FCC in 2017. Yet there are reasons to believe a Biden administration will actually kill net neutrality. Read Dr. Jamison's complete blog post [...]

On Big Tech, antitrust, and the House Judiciary Committee majority staff’s recommendations

The House Judiciary Committee Antitrust subcommittee majority staff’s October 6 report on antitrust and Big Tech might be important if there is a Joe Biden administration or if the Democrats take control of both chambers of Congress. So it is worth digging into what it says, what it misses, and its possible implications. Read Dr. [...]

If the Justice Department’s antitrust suit against Google succeeds, consumers lose

Americans should watch their wallets: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) wants to lift between $1,800 and $2,600 annually from the average American who uses Google search. You won’t find those numbers in the DOJ press announcement or case filing in the antitrust suit against Google, but this is the likely consequence if the DOJ [...]

House antitrust report on Big Tech recommends punishing business success

The House Judiciary Committee’s Democratic leadership has released its long-awaited report detailing how the government should remake the US tech industry. Read Dr. Mark Jamison's full post online at AEI.