Follow the Money: Ensuring Accountability in Broadband Initiatives

On December 7, AEI’s Mark Jamison hosted an event to discuss ensuring transparency and accountability in federal broadband initiatives, especially considering the influx of new spending Congress recently allocated for closing the digital divide. Each panelist offered a call to action. Watch the full video of the event below or at AEI.

Avoiding a $75 Billion Broadband Flop

How much broadband will Americans get for the $75 billion that Congress committed in 2021? That’s enough money to equip an additional 17 million households with broadband, taking the US to 99 percent broadband coverage, according to a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) staff paper and data from the Census Bureau. Whether taxpayers get that much [...]

Post Root Rot in Tech Antitrust Policy

Mergers often scare people, especially antitrust experts. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 scared Queens College of the City University of New York Professor Douglas Rushkoff, who said allowing such mergers is a threat “to our markets, our economy, and even our planet.” Former Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairman Robert Pitofsky was worried that [...]

The New Social Media Playbook

Donald Trump and Elon Musk have three things in common: Each is so compelling that friends and foes alike cannot look away; some foes cannot contain their strong visceral reactions; and each man uses the first two effects to his advantage. Watch these show up in Musk’s Twitter playbook. Read Dr. Jamison's complete blog post [...]

Americans Need Reliable FCC Commitments, and So Does Starlink

Imagine committing billions of dollars to build a broadband network based in part on government promises of financial support. The possibilities excite your potential customers—rural Americans that lack broadband. But then, without warning, the government fails to follow its own rules and puts the promised support at risk. What would you do? According to economists [...]