Virtual Programs

We are re-inventing learning to help you with today’s training needs. With our new virtual training, you will engage in real-time with our world class faculty and your global peers.

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Expert Guide to Effective Regulation

Your expert guide to the regulatory practices needed to grow your country’s utility infrastructures! Designed to optimize new regulatory professionals’ learning experience, this course allows you to enroll in the course plus your choice of specialized topics.

Analyzing Utility Finances

Learn to effectively project impacts, analyze business and policy options, and track key indicators over time.

Energy Pricing

Learn core principles and best practices with an experiential case study in electricity and gas pricing from start to finish.

Public Policy for Net Neutrality and Over the Top Services

Examine the ideas, experiences, and research regarding net neutrality and OTT policies.

Topic Focused Workshops

Our workshop series bring together regulatory professionals and PURC experts to tackle specific topics in greater depth.


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