Pre-PURC Series: The Present and Future of Energy Markets

New technology and new laws bring new opportunities and new challenges. As energy markets throughout the world transition from legacy, single-provider systems, utilities and regulators must confront new realities. How are countries transitioning to new energy markets? How are their choices affecting utilities and citizens? What lessons are they learning? What opportunities and challenges await [...]

Pre-PURC Series: Strategies for Closing the Broadband Gap

Tuesday, August 10, 2021 Broadband is more essential than ever before, and many are conflicted over how to expand access and use. What should be done? Some people look to public ownership or government subsidies. These are common reactions in a crisis. Others want to tax Big Tech. What’s right for your situation? More than [...]

Pre-PURC Series: Strategies for Closing the Infrastructure Gap

Tuesday, July 20, 2021 Wow! That was great! About 75 people attended Ted’s Pre-PURC Series session Strategies for Closing the Infrastructure Gap. Ted described energy and water infrastructure gaps, and options for filling them. You drilled him with tough questions. He was thrilled! If you regulate power, water, or ICT infrastructure, or if you provide [...]