Don’t punish tech companies for being great

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital tools have become indispensable to millions of home-bound Americans. Information technology businesses have quickly created or refined systems for distance learning, teleworking, telemedicine, news dissemination, and e-commerce. Yet, despite these successes, there are new demands to regulate companies such as Amazon, Zoom, and Facebook,” write PURC Director and Gunter Professor [...]

Base small business support on their economic realities

The economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, and of the government responses to it, are significant and could be staggering, especially for small businesses. Read the full article "Base small business support on their economic realities" at AEI.

European Commission’s AI regulations would limit possibility

The Executive Branch of the European Commission is working hard to protect Europeans from a promising future. Read the full article "European Commission's AI regulations would limit possibility" on AEI.

What the battle over control of PG&E means for US utility customers

Customers, cities and investors are all eager for a piece of PG&E, but it isn't the only U.S. utility that may have new owners soon. Read Dr. Ted Kury's complete article at The Conversation.

Many electric utilities are struggling – will more go bankrupt?

The electric utility is seeing rapid changes and threats that affect consumers, from more wind and solar to wildfires. How they react depends in large part on regulators. Read Dr. Ted Kury's full article on The Conversation.