Articles by: Ted Kury

10 Years of Collaboration Between UF and The Conversation

From why mosquitoes prefer some people to the best books for baby brains and even an incorrect taste map — University of Florida researchers have covered it all. Ten years ago, the collaboration with The Conversation US began with its first article on April 28, 2014. Since then, over 300 authors have contributed to nearly [...]

News10NBC Investigates: What would a public takeover of RG&E look like?

The Rochester City Council previously agreed to set aside money to help fund a feasibility study, but the cash is contingent on Monroe County coming up with additional funding and leading the effort to commission the study — which it has not agreed to do. Among others, Metro Justice, United Auto Workers 1097 and the [...]

Maine voters don’t like their electric utilities, but they balked at paying billions to buy them out

Frustration with electric utilities is universal today. Whether it’s concerns over high rates, poor service or a combination of both, people are constantly looking for a better answer to the systems that serve them. In the Nov. 7, 2023, election, voters in Maine had a chance to consider a new model for electricity service that [...]

What social media regulation could look like: Think of pipelines, not utilities

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, and his controversial statements and decisions as its owner, have fueled a new wave of calls for regulating social media companies. Elected officials and policy scholars have argued for years that companies like Twitter and Facebook – now Meta – have immense power over public discussions and can use that [...]

Expert shares how local utilities can protect electrical infrastructure against threats

The country faces a scary reality after thousands of people in North Carolina lost power due to a “deliberate” attack over the weekend where gunfire damaged two electrical substations. “There’s no way to completely protect the infrastructure,” Director of Energy Studies at the Public Utility Research Center at the University of Florida Ted Kury said. [...]