Pre-PURC Series: The Present and Future of Energy Markets

New technology and new laws bring new opportunities and new challenges. As energy markets throughout the world transition from legacy, single-provider systems, utilities and regulators must confront new realities. How are countries transitioning to new energy markets? How are their choices affecting utilities and citizens? What lessons are they learning? What opportunities and challenges await utilities, governments, and regulators in integrating the new system in Africa? How is the island nation of Jamaica approaching the transition to diversify its energy portfolio? What role do new generators play in Jamaica?

We hosted a virtual PURC Refresher Series: The Future of Energy Markets to address these and other considerations for energy markets. Ted Kury, our director of energy studies, was joined by:

  • Valentine Fagan, Power Systems Consultant – Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), Jamaica
  • Patrick Kinyua, Chief Regulatory Economist & Financial Analyst – Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN)
  • Jonathan Walker, Senior Manager, Power Economics and Regulation, Commercial Services Department – Bui Power Authority, Ghana