Next Practices Live: ICT Working Group – How will the Pandemic Change Telecoms Regulation on May 21, 2020

We spend a lot of time talking about how the pandemic affects customers and service providers. But what about regulation? Is the pandemic teaching us things? Is it permanently altering policies, roles and relationships?

John Reid, the former CEO of Cable & Wireless (C&W), explored these issues in Next Practices Lives. John has about 30 years of experience in telecommunications, including executive positions in Canada, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He has also served as President of C&W’s Consumer Division and Chairman of Bahamas Telecommunications Company. If you missed his first Next Practices Live interview, it is archived here.

I interviewed John on Thursday, May 21. We discussed emerging lessons for regulation, how regulation is impacting investment decisions, the challenges and lessons for regulatory independence, how to build trust and common objectives, and misconceptions about telecommunications and the pandemic.