What happens when power shut-off moratoriums expire? A conversation with Ted Kury on August 11, 2020

During the pandemic, most utilities and regulators developed policies that kept customers connected to their utility services. Sometimes payments were simply forgiven. Other times they were simply delayed. Now some of these policies are expiring. Should they be continued? What are the financial consequences for utilities and customers? These questions and more were the subject [...]

Managing Telecommunications When the Pandemic Hangs On: The Case of Peru on July 16, 2020

Regulators and utilities across the globe have been managing through the pandemic. Some countries have paid large economic costs for combatting the virus and are still being hit by surges. This even while other countries are recovering. How can these unfortunate countries cope? We welcomed to Next Practices Live Dr. Roxana Barrantes and Mr. Juan [...]

Lead change, or wait and see? Lessons from utilities that learn during the pandemic on July 14, 2020

We have all been learning so much during the pandemic. This has led many people to ask: If the pandemic reveals a problem we didn’t know we have, should we address that now or wait until things are back to normal? What factors should be weighed? Is leading change different during a pandemic? Next Practices [...]

Next Practices Live: Managing Regulation panel on June 23, 2020

COVID-19 has made it traditional methods for managing regulation and for engaging stakeholders. But the pandemic also made management and engage more important than ever! What have people tried? What have they learned? Two respected regulators joined Next Practices Live to share their thoughts and experiences. Both are recent PURC alumni. Commissioner Ram Prasad Dhital [...]

How will the pandemic change telecommunications markets? A conversation with John Reid on June 18, 2020

We receive a lot of questions about how the pandemic will impact telecommunications markets. This is a critical question. Since the 1990s, most of the world has relied upon competition to resolve issues of telecommunications deployment, prices, and quality. Will the pandemic change this? John Reid, the former CEO of Cable & Wireless, joined Next [...]