Principles and Strategies for Effective Leadership in the “New Normal”

As my close friend was telling me about the challenges she had gone through during the pandemic, I kept hearing Marty Linsky’s words in my head: “Leadership is an improvisational art: It cannot be scripted moment to moment.”

Like most of us, my friend struggled to keep herself and her team afloat ever since the pandemic hit. At first, she was able to get her people through the initial shock in part by envisioning getting back to “normal,” and to the work they were so passionate about: “Touching” the lives of people all over the world by training them in person so their countries had the basic energy, water, and ICT services they need. However, 12 months into the pandemic, there was still no in-person contact, training, travel, or any way to impactfully reach those she and her team wanted to help. Life was not back to “normal,” nor was it going to be anytime soon. In fact, the devastating effects of the pandemic had extended to every aspect of life, not just work, and the added financial hardships made everything even worse.

While looking for avenues to carry out their most important mission in these very difficult times, my friend and her team kept looking for ways to adapt to the new reality. Her and her team learned some valuable lessons about practicing leadership, in times such as these. I am sharing them with you in hopes that they
may help you too….

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