Next Practices Live with Peter Twesigye

Are you watching the Next Practices Live sessions? If you’re not, watch the session with David Cox.

David gave impressive insights into what telecom companies are doing with governments and customers to address the pandemic.

He shared several important insights. Here are two: (1) Everyone is trying different things, so cross sector and cross country learning are essential. (2) Critical infrastructure must perform well during the pandemic. How are other countries and companies addressing these challenges?

That was the topic of our April 2 Next Practices Live session, featuring Peter Twesigye, Manager Regulatory Affairs at Umeme Ltd, Uganda. Peter is a regular member of PURC’s faculty for the two-week training that we offer each January and June. Peter works in strategic planning, regulation, tariff policy, and organizational development. As a point person for Umeme, Peter is deeply involved in how the company works with the government during this time.

Peter talked with participants about what forming partnerships between utilities and governments looks like, how people are practicing leadership to bring people together, how utilities are caring for their customers (especially the poor, residential, and small SMEs customers with prepaid meters) and employees, and what is being learned? Our belief is that no one has the right answers, so we must keep trying, learning, and sharing.

We presented this session of Next Practices Live utilizing an online Zoom meeting. PURC’s director of energy studies, Ted Kury, moderated this session in a Q&A format. He and Peter interact for about 15 minutes before opening the program to participants to ask questions and share experiences.