Examining The Scope And Scale Of PG&E’s Plan To Bury 10,000 Miles Of Power Lines

Pacific Gas & Electric came out last week with a cost estimate for the first phase of its plan to put thousands of miles of power lines underground, ballparking it at $9 billion to $13.5 billion according to the San Jose Mercury News for the first 3,600 miles of lines it wants to bury by [...]

Preparing to Harden Electrical Resources for Hurricane Season

Experts responsible for predicting storms that will affect United States communities estimate that up to twenty named storms will cause significant damage in 2021. The first one, Ana, has already occurred before the beginning of June, announcing the start of our annual Hurricane Season. Communities that are likely to suffer effects of significant damage from [...]

Do Your Solar Panels Affect Your Electricity Consumption?

Many solar industry and environmental advocates promote the claim that distribution ownership of energy is efficient. In the “Solar Impacts: Does Distributed Production Affect Consumption Choices?” study, support for this claim rests upon a fundamental assumption shared by and “virtually every current model of compensating distributed generation.” The study points out, however, that this fundamentally [...]

Next Practices Live with Ted Kury

How can utilities survive the financial crisis that the COVID-19 crisis has created? That is the most frequently asked question during our Next Practices Live discussions. And the answers have varied. Jose Rene Gregory D. Almendras, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water, talked about choosing which bills to pay so that critical suppliers [...]

Next Practices Live with Silvia Alvarado

Many energy companies and their regulators are worried about maintaining service and affordability during the pandemic. Because these are uncharted waters, no one has best practices. But what are people trying? What are their experiences? These questions were the subject of Next Practices Live with Silvia Alvarado de Córdoba. She is the founder of Energy [...]