Next Practices Live with Rene Almendras

Sharing insights across sectors and countries will be critical to our success in dealing with COVID-19. Our fourth session featured Jose Rene Gregory D. Almendras, President and Chief Executive Officer of Manila Water, one of the world’s most respected water utilities. Mr. Almendras and I discussed how he is providing leadership for his organization during the crisis, how he works with government and other organizations, and how his company is addressing customer concerns while keeping the company financially sound.

You will learn a lot from Mr. Almendras. He served as President and CEO of Manila Water in 2009-2010, before moving on to take high level positions in government. He joined Manila Water the second time in September 2019. During his first tenure with the company, it was named one of the Best Managed Companies in Asia, the Best Corporate Governance, one of the Greenest Companies in the Philippines, and one of the world’s Most Efficient Water Companies.

We presented this session utilizing an online Zoom meeting.