Next Practices Live with Osward Chanda on May 7, 2020

Water and sanitation professionals around the world are trying Next Practices to deal with the pandemic. Because these are uncharted waters, no one has best practices. But what are the challenges they are facing? What do we all have in common and what’s different? What are the lessons so far?

These questions were the subject of Next Practices Live with Osward Chanda of Cote D’Ivoire. PURC is honored to be able to work with him. He is currently a Manager with the African Development Bank, working extensively with water and sanitation initiatives. He was formerly Director of National Water and Sanitation Council in Zambia.

Osward talked about the challenges water and sanitation providers facing with COVID-19 and the impacts on customers, how the African Development Bank is working with countries or providers to address these challenges, the lessons that are being learned, and what the implications of these experiences are for water and sanitation services in the future.