Reuters’ flawed attack on Amazon is weak

These days, mainstream journalists are taking aim at Big Tech. The Wall Street Journal conducted investigations critical of Alphabet, Amazon, and Facebook. Politico obtained leaked internal Federal Trade Commission (FTC) memos and published criticisms of the FTC’s decision to not prosecute Google. The House Judiciary Committee’s majority staff report arguing for regulations and breakups of Big Tech relied heavily on journalistic input. I have written about some of these investigations, explaining that the actual information found did not support the outlets’ conclusions.

Reuters is the latest outlet to take shots at Big Tech, namely at Amazon’s operations in India. The headline of Reuters’ latest “special report” reads, “Amazon copied products and rigged search results to promote its own brands, documents show.” Copying others’ ideas and rigging results sound evil. However, as with other journalistic Big Tech investigations, the headline and summary statements overly dramatize what the investigation actually finds.

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