Biden and Europeans Work Together to Stifle Competition and Innovation

In their misguided attempts to foster competition and innovation, US and European regulators are forging shackles for the very engines that drive technological progress. The Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and state attorneys general have launched numerous antitrust cases against Big Tech companies like Alphabet, Apple, and Meta, while the European Union has introduced [...]

Journalism’s Creative Destruction Opportunity

The traditional bastions of news media are facing a formidable challenge: protecting themselves from the very consumers they aim to serve. Confronted with the of loss of advertising revenue to tech giants like Alphabet and TikTok and the encroaching presence of artificial intelligence, the companies are looking to government for help. This is doomed to [...]

A Vision for Tech Policy is Missing from GOP Economic Plans

In the current landscape of Republican presidential candidate priorities, there is a noticeable lack of emphasis on technology policy—a crucial area that demands attention. A substantial portion of registered voters, spanning all races and including those under 30, cite the economy as their primary concern. This concern intensifies in key swing states, with 39 percent [...]

AEI Section 230 Spring Summit

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is often referred to as the “26 words that created the internet.” Now, those words are the subject of a growing debate about their application and efficacy. From Supreme Court cases to state and national legislative proposals, the future of Section 230 is in question. Join AEI’s online [...]

The Crypto Crash Is Good for Crypto

The recent fall in cryptocurrency (crypto) and non-fungible token (NFT) values has led to anxiety, finger wagging, and calls for regulation. This is not surprising; bitcoin prices have fallen by one-third in the last 30 days. The largest crypto exchange, Coinbase, is laying off nearly one-fifth of its workforce. And the largest crypto lender, Celsius, [...]