Antitrust cases could be bad for iPhone users

iPhone users are likely to be the unintended victims of some current antitrust activities: The US Department of Justice and some state attorneys general are targeting Apple’s contracts with Google. The contracts have Apple preinstalling some Google apps and making Google Search the default search engine on iPhones. Several state legislatures and the European Union [...]

What the leaked FTC memos on Google really teach us

Politico did well for itself in producing five articles based on leaked internal Federal Trade Commission (FTC) documents related to the agency’s decision not to pursue an antitrust case against Google eight years ago. (See here, here, here, here, and here.) The articles tell a story of FTC lawyers, Facebook, and Amazon warning political appointees [...]

3 holes in the antitrust cases against Facebook

Wednesday was a tough day for 46 state attorneys general and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), who had filed antitrust lawsuits against Facebook in December 2020. On Wednesday, they got their first taste of Facebook’s rebuttal in the form of motions to dismiss the cases (here and here). It’s not looking good for the government’s [...]

Twitter forms a wiki lite for content management

Content moderation on social media has been a hot-button issue ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Suffering attacks from Democrats and Republicans alike, Facebook has sought to distance itself from the issue by deferring some content-moderation decisions to an independent oversight board and embracing government involvement in content moderation. Now, Twitter is taking this uncoupling [...]

What will governments do after Big Tech deplatformed Trump?

Launching a new administration involves thousands of decisions about appointments, budgets, executive orders, foreign leader contacts, legislative agendas, and the like. Planning begins long before the November election. But I suspect that President Joe Biden and his team are engrossed in at least one conversation no one had planned: What should we do about Twitter? [...]